The Joy of Bird Feeding
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Join John and Brian for this bonus episode with a special guest, Jim Carpenter. As the Founder and CEO of Wild Birds Unlimited, Jim has learned a lot over the past 40 years and has some great information to share about the hobby of backyard bird feeding. Be sure to check out his book, The Joy of Bird Feeding, to learn more!

Unwasted: The Podcast
Unwasted: The Podcast
Imperfect Foods
Demystifying Diet With Brooklynne Palmer
We’ve all heard the phrase, health is wealth. We know that how we eat is one of the biggest things that determines how healthy we are, but it seems like eating healthy is such a moving target sometimes.  There’s new studies, trends, and diets coming out every week and it can be genuinely hard to separate fact from hype and misconception when it comes to the seemingly simple act of feeding ourselves. Why is it so hard to figure out what to eat?  Brooklynne Palmer is a medical student with a passion for sharing sound, nutritional advice that helps all of us invest in our physical and mental health. In this conversation we dive into answering the million dollar question: What does healthy eating look like and how we can make it easier to do? We also discuss why we should all be skeptical dietary headlines, the key difference between a dietician and a nutritionist, and how fad diets focus too much on weight and not enough on health.  *Episode Show Notes:* * Learn more about Brooklynne by checking out her Instagram page.  * Brooklynne stressed that we all ought to take nutritional studies with a grain of salt, since many of them are funded by food industry groups that would like us to eat more of their foods.  * She also cited the now famous incident of a scientist trolling the media and public by publishing a bogus study that chocolate was healthy just to prove how gullible and biased towards catchy diet headlines the media had become.  * Contrary to popular belief, most Americans are eating more than enough protein.  * Brooklynne's principles of a healthy diet: eat less high-sodium processed food and eat more high fiber foods and fresh fruits and vegetables.
1 hr 7 min
Backpacker Radio
Backpacker Radio
The Trek
#92 | Andrew Skurka Returns
In today’s episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are once again joined by Andrew Skurka- and as you might’ve already guessed, it does not disappoint. We touch on a range of different subjects in today’s show ranging from how COVID effected his guiding business, to why wildfires have been so bad in the west over the past couple of decades (and the reason might surprise you), to Andrew’s favorite trail meals, to the intricacies of the backcountry bidet, to picking the perfect campsite, to layering in the winter, and much more. Put simply, you will enjoy this chat. We round out the show with a reminder of our impending butt tattoos, a triple crown of the worst chores, an explosive butthole patent-pending, picking death by shark or mountain lion, and some horse facts, crab edition. Gossamer Gear discount code: Use code "POOPSTORY" to save 15% off your cart at discount code: Use code "BACKPACKER" to get 50% automatically taken off your first order with free shipping. [divider] Help us raise $100,000 for the trails and we'll get butt tattoos. Apply to be a Trail Correspondent. Check out Hikerlink. How to Get a Job In the Outdoor Industry by Kelly Floro New Podcast Seeking Research Intern (A Juliana Chauncey Project) Backpacker Radio Book Bundle [divider] Interview with Andre Skurka * Andrew's Previous Backpacker Radio Epsidoe (33) * 00:04:49 - Intro to Andrew Skurka 00:06:38 - What has Andrew done since 2019? 00:07:53 - Is it usually bigger nes in the FKT world when someone breaks a record rather than setting one? 00:09:28 - Was 2019 mostly dedicated to the guiding business? 00:10:20 - How did guiding go in 2020? 00:12:15 - What was your thought process on when to pull a plug on a trip for 2020? 00:14:48 - You also dealt with a lot of fires this year correct? 00:15:14 - How many clients are usually on each trip? 00:15:40 - Did you run into any problems with the number of people? 00:17:04 - How are you feeling about trips in 2021? 00:24:41 - Are people going to have to submit whether or not they’ve been vaccinated before going on a trip? 00:25:56 - Did the 2020 fire season impact how you are scheduling trips in 2021? 00:28:09 - What is your personal threshold for hiking in smoke? 00:34:19 - Do you want to speak to what is causing wildfires? 00:37:50 - What is the solution for wildfires? 00:40:20 - Is climate change part of the causes of wildfires? 00:41:00 - The Ted Talk Andrew shared on wildfires. 00:41:19 - Do you have tips for hiking in smoke/near wildfires? 00:43:09 - Would you ever consider making plan B’s for your trips? 00:45:00 - Can you touch on some of the trips you are looking forward to in 2021? 00:49:42 - How active are you with new gear testing? 00:51:10 - Skurka uses a pillow. 00:57:10 - Is there anything else you’ve used this year that you like? 01:01:10 - You’re a hunter right? 01:02:25 - What are some of your favorite backcountry recipes? 01:04:42 - Do you put anything with the protein powder? 01:05:27 - What does Skrurka eat in normal life? 01:06:10 - So you run fasted? 01:10:19 - People want to know about the backcountry bidet? 01:12:22 - Do you bury the things you use to wipe? 01:14:00 - Do you use an accessory? Do you poke a hole in the lid? 01:14:28 - Have you ever thought of making a video that demonstrates? 01:15:48 - How do you know you’re clean at the end? 01:16:39 - Wait, so you don’t just splash the water? 01:18:00 - Do you use soap on your hands after? 01:18:33 - Out of your high route guides, what is your top recommendation for beginners? 01:19:47 - What do you look for in picking the perfect campsite? 01:22:30 - Do you have any advice for beginner winter hiking/snowshoeing/backpacking? 01:28:03 - What do you want to plug? * Segments How to Get a Job In the Outdoor Industry by Kelly Floro New Podcast Seeking Research Intern (A Juliana Chauncey Project) How much money would you have to be paid to be someone’s personal bidet assistant? Triple Crown of Chores You Hate Patent Pending: A Washer and Dryer in One Machine Horse Hermit Crab Facts QOTD: Would you rather be trapped in a cage with a mountain lion or a pool with a bull shark? Mail Bag [divider] Subscribe to this podcast on iTunes (and please leave us a review)! Find us on Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Play. Support us on Patreon to get bonus content. A super big thank you to our Chuck Norris Award winner(s) from Patreon: Jason Lawrence, Austen McDaniel, Andrew, Christopher Marshburn, S11N, and Sawyer Products A big thank you to our Cinnamon Connection Champions from Patreon: Cynthia Voth, Brandon Spilker, Emily Brown, Jeffrey Miller, Mitchell, Zoe Jenkins, Dcnerdlet, Jeff LaFranier, Mark Snook, Peter Ellenberg, Thomas Fullmer, Jacob Northrup, Peter Leven Follow The Trek, Chaunce, Badger, and Trail Correspondents on Instagram. Follow The Trek and Chaunce on YouTube.
2 hr 14 min
Mighty Blue On The Appalachian Trail: The Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis
Mighty Blue On The Appalachian Trail: The Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis
Steve Adams
Episode #253 - Reid Marshall and Marina Santiago (Wombat and Brown-Eyed Girl)
This week, we feature a couple who met on the trail in 2019 and have been a couple ever since. Reid Marshall and Marina Santiago are, however, locationally challenged, as Reid is in Australia and Marina is in Denver. I was fortunate enough to have met Reid on my thru-hike and was impressed with his calm and thoughtful demeanor. When we met, near the VT / NH border, Reid was on his own and didn't meet Marina until many miles later. Such is the serendipity of the trail. They share the story of their respective and joint hikes, as well as their adventures together since the AT. You can connect and find out more about them at their Challenge & Beauty website,, find them on Facebook at, on Instagram at Their first book, Trail Running Utah, is available on Amazon: Their second set of books, Trail Running Tasmania and Day Hikes Tasmania, are available in the US via special order on their website: Their illustrated book about their AT experience, Filthy and Free, is in the works and will be available later this year. I'll let you know when that comes out. This week on the Know Before You Go ATC part of the show, Laurie Potteiger suggests that we "Explore Locally." She tells us about alternative trails to explore, some of which are listed here. A link to the Alternate Trails page, as well as ATC's Day-hiking and Overnight Hiking checklists updated for hiking during COVID-19, and many other useful pages, can be found in the Hiker Resource Library at Don't forget, if you are going to get on the AT, make sure you register at In our book reading of Larry Luxenburg's Walking the Appalachian Trail, Larry talks about everybody's favorite subject; food and the exquisite possibility of eating guiltlessly. If you like what we're doing on the Hiking Radio Network, and want to see our shows continue, please consider supporting us with either a one-off or monthly donation. You'll find the donate button on each Hiking Radio Network page at Any support is gratefully received.
1 hr 12 min
The Flower Podcast
The Flower Podcast
Scott Shepherd, Host and Flower Educator
Shean Strong - Growing Instagram Engagement and More!
My guest this week is Shean Strong, owner of Shean Strong Design in Atlanta, GA. I have personally witnessed his growth in the floral industry, and I am excited to share his story as our first episode of Season 6 of The Flower Podcast. The Mayesh Design Star of 2019 and featured in publications such as -Brides, Martha Stewart Weddings, The Knot, Style Me Pretty (to name a few), Shean’s passion is to create romantic and memorable events for his clients. Our chat is genuinely from Shean’s heart and of course, not short on humor and laughter. In a couple of weeks, Shean, along with two designers, will be participating in the Iron Florist Competition as part of The Cathedral's Antique Show in Atlanta, Ga. as they virtually celebrate their 50th Anniversary. I will be hosting the competition in person again this year and although the audience will be watching virtually, it should be an exciting event you do not want to miss! We're excited for 2021 and all our new guests! You can learn more about Shean Strong and all of our past guests at ! Be sure to subscribe to our podcast on the platform or app of you choice and we would love to have you join our email family. Did you know that you can also visit our Youtube channel if you would like to watch my chats with guests via Zoom. Follow the link to our YouTube channel for more information. Thanks to all our sponsors! Accent Decor FlowerSchool NY / LA Grace Rose Farm
1 hr
The Canine Paradigm
The Canine Paradigm
Glenn Cooke & Pat Stuart
Episode 162: Poking Larry Krohn’s bear
Poking Larry Krohn's bear isn't easy to do as Larry is a really great guy. However, like most of us, we have a straw that breaks our back under load and this industry can sometimes do that. Given that Larry has amassed such a large following of people all over the world, he also get some haters. Most of them are just sad, lonely people, some are people who should know better. Regardless, Larry is a professional and he still loves to help people and we love to chat with him Further details If your looking for contact details, great dog trainers and supporters of The Canine Paradigm, look no further. Below is a vast array of people and business’s who stand by us, donate to our running costs and do great things for the canine community. Glenn runs and has almost everything canine related at, Canine Evolution or Pet Resorts Australia Pat has a full range of coaching and dog training services at Operant Canine If you wish to learn a little more about us, go here You can support our show and get extra content right here on our Patreon page. Everything goes into keeping the show running and we love all the wonderful people who are part of that community. If you’re not sure how, just ask us. You can get our full range of Merch at our Teespring store here You can also help us by spreading the word amongst the canine community or even suggesting a special guest to interview. If you need to find out how to listen to our podcast, go here We have a YOUTUBE channel that you can subscribe to now If you enjoyed the podcast, please review us on Itunes Details on joining the IACP can be found here. If you’re not in it you should be! Check out Dogs Playing for Life! A rescue process changing dogs lives across the USA For more details on how to help our friends at Peggy’s Promise, you can find all the details on how to do that on their website. They are our rescue charity of choice. Support our supporters Narelle Cooke’s raw feeding guide for dogs here. She also has her own podcast on all podcast directories called Natural Health for people and pets. Check it out. Birdy O’Sheedy can be found at Pause in life and at Paws in life Jason Firmin Einzweck Dog quip SHOW SPONSOR K9 Dynamics online store for all our listeners in USA and Canada SHOW SPONSOR Melanie Benware at Kindred K9 Solutions SHOW SPONSOR Kathy Santo at Kathy Santo Dog Training SHOW SPONSOR Jasmine Whiting is at Prime Canine Alex Edwards Refine your CanineEmma Murdoch Walk with me Ottawa Find out more about GRC dog sports here
1 hr 4 min
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