016. Vision Casting: How to Dream Your Life Into Reality with Coach, Mentor, and Leader Erinn Yakabuski
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Vision Casting: How to Dream Your Life Into Reality with Coach, Mentor, and Leader Erinn Yakabuski


Episode 16: Show Notes.


By creating a powerful story or narrative about our life and where we’re going, rather than just setting a simple goal, it activates our subconscious and actively moves us towards that future reality. At least, that is the principle of vision casting, which is what today’s episode is all about. Our guest is Erinn Yakabuski, who is a coach, mentor, speaker, and jack of all trades. She and her sister also run a fitness and mentorship group called The Sisterhood Fitness. Tuning in, you’ll hear us dive right into all things goal-setting, and Erinn shares three steps to help you get unstuck and dream your life into reality, including tips and tricks to ensure that you propel yourself to the next level and make time for yourself in the meantime. Tune in today to find out more!


Key Points From This Episode:


  • Find out a bit more about Erinn, her background, and what she does.
  • What led her to begin her journey in the coaching and mentorship world.
  • Erinn talks about her experience of taking a leap of faith and how rewarding it can be.
  • The importance of trusting your gut and following your passions.
  • How COVID helped push Erinn towards pursuing coaching full time.
  • Learn about vision casting; three steps to get unstuck and dream your life into reality.
  • The value of writing your vision down on paper and reading it daily.
  • Hear about The Sisterhood group and the community they have built for women.
  • How Erinn ensures that she makes time for herself and why self care should be a priority.
  • Some of Erinn’s biggest hurdles as a mom and a business owner.
  • The value of having a support group, especially during the isolation of the pandemic.
  • The next big goals that Erinn and The Sisterhood are aspiring towards.




“I could have stayed at the government, in my cubicle, excelling in that role forever, but I never would have found the fulfillment and passion and impact that I do in coaching and mentoring.” — Erinn Yakabuski [0:03:53]


“Give yourself permission to dream bigger!” — Erinn Yakabuski [0:10:24]


“I truly believe that your thoughts are your actions and your actions are your future.” — Erinn Yakabuski [0:12:19]


“For me, [self care] is something that you have to prioritize. It’s a decision you have to make for yourself to say, ‘Okay, I deserve this. I need this. I’m going to take it,’ otherwise it simply doesn’t happen.” — Erinn Yakabuski [0:17:37]


“It’s such a powerful thought, knowing that moms dictate the culture. How you want the home to be is how you be.” — Erinn Yakabuski [0:20:38]


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