012. The Stigma Surrounding Body Image During Pregnancy: All things Pregnancy During COVID-19
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The Stigma Surrounding the Cute Baby Bump and All Things Pregnancy

012. The Stigma Surrounding Body Image During Pregnancy: All things Pregnancy  During COVID-19


Episode 12: Show Notes.


We have all been affected by the pandemic in many ways, from feelings of isolation to forming different habits and finding new ways of connecting. Joining us on the podcast today to talk about her experiences of pregnancy during 2020 and into the new year, is personal trainer and pilates instructor, Hayley McGowan! Hayley is a beautiful and powerful mother-to-be and she gets real with us about the journey and challenges she has faced along the way. We talk about loneliness, and the separation from loved ones that she has had to endure, with Hayley explaining how difficult it has been going through pregnancy in this way. Hayley also shares her thoughts on the issues of body image and people's comments on the changes we experience as a baby grows inside us! There seems to be a bit of a mismatch between what many people think is appropriate to say to a pregnant woman and what is actually supportive and considerate. Internal and external expectations can weigh on us so heavily and Hayley is very open and honest about the parts of this she has found most challenging in the last year or so. She also speaks about the legacy of miscarriages and how this can affect the way a new pregnancy and expected birth is viewed. So for a personal and unfiltered chat with a great friend and guest, make sure to tune in today!


Key Points From This Episode:


  • Hayley's career, life during the pandemic, and her pregnancy! 
  • The effects of 2020, the pandemic, and pregnancy on Hayley's work. 
  • Expectations and pressure in the fitness industry around pregnancy. 
  • Unsolicited comments about pregnant bodies, and the different forms these take. 
  • The most difficult parts of Hayley's pregnancy — dealing with isolation and loneliness. 
  • Hayley's feelings going into her pregnancy and her early thoughts on children.  
  • The effects of the miscarriages that Hayley and her partner have experienced.  
  • Supporting mental health and the difficulties that Hayley has been having.
  • Hayley's goals for completing more mountain bike races post-pregnancy! 
  • Giving yourself the space you need to spend longer in bed!
  • Lessons from Hayley's background in sport and Ironman events.  
  • The training that pregnancy is giving Hayley for future sporting challenges!
  • A message about kindness and patience from Hayley to all our listeners.
  • Hayley's current morning routine and how it compares with what it was previously.




“I don't get to see my best friends, I have five best girlfriends from when we were 13 and I haven't been able to see them. I am the last one of the group to have a baby.” — @hayleymcgowan [0:12:42]


“I don't get to get together with everyone in my life who loves me and supports me and who I love and support and have supported through their journeys.” — @hayleymcgowan [0:14:33]


“All the things that I identify with and that I love and I enjoy have been taken away. Which is a sacrifice I am grateful to make.” — @hayleymcgowan [0:15:20]


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