024. Mental and Physical Health: Building Confidence and Connection in Youth, One Kilometre at a Time with Sole Girls Founder Ashley Wiles
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Mental and Physical Health: Building Confidence and Connection in Youth, One Kilometre at a Time with Sole Girls Founder, Ashley Wiles.


Episode 24: Show Notes.


Tired of being chained to a desk, Ashley Wiles pursued work with special relevance to her. She started Sole Girls, a program empowering pre-teen girls to address mental and physical health within a supportive community. First off, Ashley explains how she was able to escape the corporate rat race in order to start Sole Girls. She goes on to share the story that motivated her to dedicate her life to giving young girls the resources they need in order to thrive and describes the ways in which childhood influences self-esteem in adult women. Ashley introduces us to the heart behind Sole Girls and how it goes about achieving its goals of creating a safe and supportive space for girls. We touch on the ways in which body image issues are formed and talk about the role of sport in creating community and supporting mental wellness. We go on to discuss the ways in which sport teaches important lessons to kids, how the narrative in women’s sports is changing, and how Ashley is everyone’s hype girl. Tune in for the inside scoop on how Ashley Wiles made her dream of helping young girls into a reality and get inspired to do the same!


Key Points From This Episode:


  • How Ashley was able to leave her corporate job in order to pursue her passion of creating a safe space for pre-teen girls.
  • Why it is important to prioritize caring for women’s mental health from childhood.
  • How the pre-teen experience has changed over time and how it has remained the same.
  • The way in which physical goals help us to achieve psychological goals.
  • What Sole Girls aims to do and how it goes about achieving this.
  • How body image issues are formed through fixating on imperfections.
  • The importance of compensating women appropriately for their work and ideas.
  • The role of sport in creating community and supporting mental wellness.
  • How the irrelevance of labels in sport can show kids the value of being on their own path. 
  • How the narrative in triathlon is changing.
  • The ways in which Ashley Wiles is everyone’s hype girl. 




“When the economy crashed I really realized that everything is fleeting and you can choose what you do with your time.” — @evaruns [0:02:20]


“A girl died by suicide. Her name was Amanda Todd and that fuelled part of my passion of we need more tools for girls and has set me up on this journey of helping women thrive.” — @evaruns [0:03:30]


“Giving ourselves permission to do, be, and have whatever it is that we want starts with our childhood and so many of us forget what it’s like to be eight.” — @evaruns [0:03:40]


“They still have the exact same worries. It has just escalated with social media and photoshopping. It’s just more now than when we were kids.” — @evaruns [0:09:30]

“Essentially, Sole Girls is an aided program that focuses on girls’ mental and physical wellbeing so they can have some place that’s safe to talk about friendships and frenemies and anxiety and everything that comes up” — @evaruns [0:05:54]

“Body image plays a huge role and it can be anything. It could be a nose or an arm or an eyebrow or something we just dial into and that becomes the most important thing that we need to fix or change or have different, which is challenging!” — @evaruns [0:09:55]

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