036. Beyond the Physical. A Dive into Mental Training with Mental Performance Coach Michelle Newton
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Beyond the Physical. A Dive into Mental Training with Mental Performance Coach Michelle Newton


Episode 36: Show Notes

Our society has an obsession with winning, but that’s not what sport should be about. It should be about showing up, putting in your best effort, and pushing your own boundaries, no matter what level you are competing at. In today’s episode, I’m joined by mental performance coach, Michelle Newton, who knows from personal experience how debilitating a negative head game can be. The mindset struggles that she was able to overcome inspired her to support others in the same way, and this led her to found Momentum Sport. Challenges are inevitable, but if you can learn to focus on what you can control (your attitude and effort level) rather than what you can’t (the outcome), you will begin to see that the journey is much more important than how quickly you cross the finish line.

Key Points From This Episode:


  • Introducing today’s guest, Michelle Newton, founder of Momentum Sport. 
  • The many sports that Michelle takes part in.
  • Michelle’s personal battle of overcoming a negative mindset.
  • The success that Michelle saw when she began using visualization techniques.
  • The problem with placing too much emphasis on winning, and what you should be focusing on instead.  
  • Lessons from an iconic American coach.
  • The lack of mental performance coaching that was available when Michelle was growing up.
  • The power that sport holds in terms of personal development.
  • The increased interest in mental coaching, and the gender split of Michelle’s clients.
  • Michelle shares an example that highlights the value of mental performance coaching.
  • What a session with Michelle will generally involve (although it will be tailored to each individual).
  • The importance of learning to be present in the moment.




“My history and the suffering I endured because of a weak head game really piqued my interest in [mental performance coaching].” — Michelle Newton [0:04:27]


“In our society, we are very much of the mindset win and results and outcome. You want that in the back of your mind, but you won’t want that to govern your performance on game day.” — Michelle Newton [0:06:48]


“Showing up, staying a little longer for practice, being prepared, putting in the effort; those are the things we should focus on and those are the things completely within the athletes’ control.” — Michelle Newton [0:10:53]

 “I don’t think it matters what level you’re at. What matters is your commitment to having a strong head game.” — Michelle Newton [0:16:44]

 “Challenge is in our lives. It’s not going away. As the stakes get higher, the challenges get greater, and that’s awesome. The suffering is optional.” — Michelle Newton [0:16:58]


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