The importance of sex positivity with Leah Carey
Play • 51 min

NB: This is the final episode before Mind Full of Everything goes on hiatus until 12th May due to the host's education commitments. 

In light of the outcry of women on their safety and issues around sexual exploitation of women across the world, this episode emphasises on the importance of establishing a sex positive culture, where women's sexual rights and freedoms are celebrated, not oppressed. Leah is a sex and intimacy coach, and also the host of the Good Girls Talk About Sex podcast, where women anonymously share their sexual journeys and experiences in an effort to encourage other women to embrace their sexualities and denounce misogyny around women's sexual exploration.

In this episode, Leah and Agrita discuss a wide array of prominent sex issues and topics that directly affect the sexual happiness of women including: stigma around sexual exploration as a woman, birth control/abortion rights, validity of asexuality, motherhood and sexuality and shifting away from zero-sum relationships. Although this conversation is revolved around sex issues that most heterosexual women experience, as the misogyny often found in heterosexual relationships needs to be urgently addressed, issues/topics discussed here are applicable to all women in all sexual/romantic relationships. 

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