Laura Hyppolite on reclaiming identity as immigrants through poetic storytelling
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In what ways can art forms such as poetry, which allow for total expression in their purest form, guide immigrants through their journey of reclaiming identity as they navigate foreign lands oftentimes culturally different to their homelands? How can people of the diaspora use storytelling to overcome cultural dichotomies, reinforced by colonial systems, and manage healthy co-existence of both worlds (life as an immigrant and life as a member of their own community) in order to live more connected, wholesome lives?

Mind Full of Everything returns after a 2-month hiatus with this inspiring conversation on reclaiming identity as immigrants through the lens of poetic storytelling with Laura Hyppolite. Laura is is a Haitian immigrant learning to navigate life in the United States. She has a true passion for the power of poetry, and she wants her voice to empower her readers to dive deeper within themselves. Her work transcends the personal and draws on connections with history and society. She poetically weaves tales that travels from the beaches and colours of Haiti to the slate and rough edges of city life in the United States. 

To Laura, in poetry there are no imposters, only personal truths which sing throughout one’s work. Through Hyppolite’s view of herself, we learn more about the beauty within each of us. Her first book Ordinary explores the intersections of culture, immigration, and identity.

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