Super Mind: Easy Tips to Upgrade Your Brain (From a Brain Expert) | Kayla Barnes
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Your mind is potentially your greatest asset. But it’s malleable. And neuroscience has evolved tremendously. This episode explores how your common everyday choices improve or worsen your brainpower, and most importantly, what you can do today.

Meet our guest

Kayla Barnes is an entrepreneur and certified brain health coach with a mission to help her clients and community achieve optimal health through science-backed and proven approaches. Barnes has been named one of the top longevity leaders globally and has been featured in Forbes, Thrive Global, Byrdie, BeWell, Biohackers Magazine + more. Barnes studied nutrition and has trained under the renowned brain doctor, Dr. Daniel Amen.

Thank you to our sponsors Key takeaways
  • “If your gut is not operating at optimal capacity, your brain won't either”
  • Everyday toxins predispose us to cognitive decline and disorders
  • How cannabis, booze, and coffee really impact the brain
  • Genes only determine ~10% of your health outcome, epigenetics (lifestyle) matters more
  • Brain inflammation is linked to countless ailments
  • Stabilizing blood sugar for brain health, less inflammation, & longer healthspan
  • Kayla’s favorite nootropic supplements to rapidly activate her brain
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