How to Navigate Difficult Conversations, Master Situational Awareness, De-Escalate Conflict, & Live as a PeaceWalker | Craig Gray
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People often learn martial arts to protect themselves and others. As any conflict resolution expert will tell you, violence should be your absolute last resort. Protection starts long before physicality. The most influential leaders diffuse tense situations by going in with an unusual mindset and awareness. They're also great communicators. Our guest came up with the "PeaceWalker System", which gives you an entire suite of tools to lead, protect, and live confidently.

Meet our guest

Craig Gray is a Krav Maga instructor, conflict communication expert and former bodyguard who founded the PeaceWalker Program an approach that teaches ‘average Joes’ a simple method for protecting themselves and loved ones from harm. Craig is a speaker, trainer, and Subject Matter Expert (SME). For over two decades he has been highly sought after by private and government organizations, fortune 500 companies, and many others for his unique approach. He has worked with people ranging from Navy SEALS to soccer moms, police to private security, teachers to healthcare providers... and everyone in between. Craig runs a Krav Maga Academy, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He's an Associate Instructor and founding member at Resolution Group International (RGI), a conflict management company serving the needs of the U.S. Military, law enforcement agencies, and private organizations.

Thank you to our sponsors Key takeaways
  • Everyone agrees that life is precious until a conflict arises and your counter-party does something wrong. We must separate their life's value from their actions and behaviors
  • Most bad situations happen out of opportunity and generally could have been diffused. Awareness makes you a hard target
  • Defense starts with mindset, then awareness, then influence, then action. Combat is the last resort
  • Krav Maga is easy to learn, and actually works to defend yourself where traditional martial arts would not
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