Ancient Nootropics, Effective Adaptogens & Scientific Cognitive Enhancement | Greg Gostincar
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Scientists around the world thoroughly examine, explore, test, and review the world of athletics and physical performance. Brain research has focused on pathologies, disorders, and diseases. You aren't stuck with the brain you were born with. The study of cognitive enhancement involves therapies, habits, tools, and supplements to unlock your full mental performance.

Meet Greg Gostincar

Greg Gostincar is a certified brain health professional and the creator of Your Inception. Greg, MSc, has finished multiple trainings and education in nutrition, brain science, sleep improvement, supplement development, biology, speed reading, memory improvement, and biochemistry. He is also a certified expert on Brain Biohacking from Emory University & Amen Clinic. He shares science-based brainhacks that will help you optimize your brain and mental performance. He is an active contributor in the personal development industry and consults with multiple companies, market leaders, and start-ups.

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Key takeaways
  • Focus on optimizing the brain because it influences all aspects of your life
  • Plan your day the night before, and accomplish the #1 task first thing in the morning
  • Adaptogens are some of the safest and most effective (original) nootropics
  • Start by addressing common nutrient deficiencies to support brain health
  • 8 of Greg's 9 favorite brain supplements are natural
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