Bulletproofing the Body, Preventing Surgeries, Bouncing Back from Injuries, Peptides, Bioregulators, & Small Molecules | Dr. Suzanne Turner
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What if you could 10X your recovery from injuries, surgery, or even workouts? Not only recovering faster, but while maintaining your abilities. Or perhaps you're interested in boosting your brainpower? Could there be an overlap between the two? In this interview, you'll discover powerful tips to accomplish both (and much more). Meet our guest Dr. Turner is the founder of Vine Medical Associates and the VMA Residency. She’s Double Board Certified, and her thriving practice treats executives and athletes from around the world. Practicing Cellular, Longevity and Performance Medicine, Dr. Turner has special interests and experience in bioidentical hormone therapy, metabolic medicine, neurodegenerative disease, and human performance optimization. She also has earned Advanced Certification in Endocrinology and Peptide Therapy. Dr Turner is the leading expert in peptide therapy in the Southeast. She is an award-winning teacher of medical students, residents, and physicians while on the Faculty of Emory University. Dr. Turner has also served on the faculty of A4M, IPS, BioTe, SSRP, and ACAM. Thank you to our partners •Outliyr Peak Performance Shop: get exclusive discounts on cutting-edge health, wellness, & performance gear •Upgrade your brain with the FREE Outliyr Nootropics Mini-Course Key takeaways •Minor injuries can become your Achilles heel if not dealt with •Osteoarthritis doesn't start when you're 60. Starts with an initial injury at 16 •Anything that decreases neural inflammation, cellular senescence, or restores proper energy production should improve cognition •Growth hormone secretagogues are a special class of ingredients that improve body recomposition (fat loss, muscle gain, stronger connective tissue) without the side effects of normal growth hormone injections Links •Watch it on YouTube: https://youtu.be/GFfOb1WNnpM •Full episode show notes: mindbodypeak.com/55 Connect with Nick on social media •Instagram •Twitter •YouTube •LinkedIn Easy ways to support •Subscribe •Leave an Apple Podcast review •Suggest a guest Do you have questions, thoughts, or feedback for us? Let me know at mindbodypeak.com/55 and one of us will get back to you! Be an Outliyr, Nick
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