Enjoy a Better Buzz, Break World Records, Achieve Mental Clarity, Biohack Sleep With Hard Ketones | Frank Llosa @ KetoneAid
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It’s 2022, and you’ve probably heard of keto/ketosis/ketones. But you don’t need to follow any particular diet to experience the profound health and performance benefits of these drinks. On the performance front, we have ketone esters. Used and researched by NASA, the US military, brain health experts, Tour de France cyclists, Olympians and professional athletes in most sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, UFC), and other high-achievers.

A new drink called Hard Ketones contains a different kind of ketone (R1,3 Butanediol) notable as an alcohol alternative for social confidence, relaxation, boosting mood, and crushing appetite. Our conversation this week explores how anyone can use these ketone products for greater quality of life.

Meet our guest

Frank Llosa is a serial entrepreneur with successes across industries, including real estate, photography featured in National Geographic, and pre-dot com startups. After extensive research, 6 years ago Frank founded KetoneAid — the World's 1st Ketone Ester. KetoneAid has supplied 80% of the Tour de France teams. Since starting, he’s worked tirelessly to spread information, bust myths, and bring cutting-edge performance supplements to the masses. He sets the bar for affordable quality. In late 2021, he launched Hard Ketones — The World's First Ketogenic and Ethanol-Free Alcohol. Redefining alcohol and shaping the future of the beverage industry.

Brought to you by Key takeaways
  • KetoneAid & Frank Llosa are bringing light to the shady and deceptive marketing practices of the ketone esters/salts industry
  • Quantify the effect of your ketone esters or R1,3 with the Oura Ring
  • The cost of ketone esters has fallen from $25,000 per bottle to less than $30
  • Most to least effective at increasing blood ketone levels: ketones esters, ketone salts, C8 MCT, MCT, coconut oil
  • R1,3 Butanediol is an effective alternative to (ethanol) alcohol that gives you a buzz, supports optimal health, all without a hangover
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