Rapid Virus Recovery: Mitigate Illness & Bounce Back FAST | Dr. Thomas Levy
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Viruses are the equivalent of a biological flash drive. They’re ubiquitous, countless contained within every breath we take. Where natural trait changes can take generations, viruses alter gene expression to help organisms rapidly adapt to our ever-changing environment. But getting sick sucks. With a little foresight, we can mitigate illness before it occurs, and if it does, bounce back to feeling great in no time. At the same time, preventing long-term side effects from sickness.

Meet our guest

Dr. Thomas E. Levy is a board-certified cardiologist and has written six books on health-related issues. He's focused on how to restore and maintain good health. Even in the face of the many different forms of toxicity that all of us face, typically on a daily basis. He no longer has a clinical practice in medicine and cardiology. Instead, he focuses on research and writing.

Thank you to our partners Key takeaways
  • Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful anti-microbial agent with zero toxicity and breaks down into just water and oxygen in the body
  • Pathogens are filled with reactive iron, the most pro-oxidative substance on the planet (which is released into your body when they die)
  • If you had an infection and didn't use an anti-oxidative therapy, you'll be swallowing pathogens 24/7
  • Cheap supplements make a huge difference in illness prevention and how fast you recover
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