Unbreakable Endurance: 9 Marathons in 9 Days (Mindset & Motivation) | Matt Scarfo
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Imagine running a marathon without much training. Then do it again every day for 9 days. The physical challenge of exercise is obvious. What happens when you push the body to its limits... and then some? Once you go beyond the one-hour grueling workout. Two hours, three hours, and beyond. You get time alone with your mind. These endurance activities test resilience. Your mind plays tricks on you. Doubting you. Begging you to stop. Long after you've "hit the wall" and "bonked", you need a light at the end of the tunnel. This episode is about the relentless mindset and motivation key to high-performance. How to dig deep when times get tough.

Meet our guest

Matt Scarfo entered the fitness industry in 1999 at age 20. He was interested in learning how the human machine was engineered - how it responded, how it adapted, and how it accommodated when exposed to stress and stimulation. Almost twenty-two years later, his curiosities led him to explore the most fundamental aspects of adaptation; adaptation to movement, exercise, diet, stress, injury, and disease. He’s coached, train, and mentored over 10,000 clients and colleagues. Matt has also partnered with two of the major fitness education institutions in the United States for more than two decades. His passion lies in understanding and maximizing human performance.

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Key takeaways
  • "Show that you won't stop at any cost, and the Red Sea will part for you. Second guess yourself, and you won't go anywhere."
  • Long, brutal workouts bring you face to face with your personal demons. They become impossible to shut out. Use this opportunity to identify areas (typically hidden) that still need work
  • When to listen to pain versus when to build your tolerance to it
  • When in doubt, always go back to basics
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