Reversing Aging, Quantifying Your Biological TruAge, & The Future of Healthspan Extension | Ryan Smith @ TruDiagnostic
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Blood work and wearables are reactive and only sometimes show emergency trends. How do you know whether “healthy” lifestyle practices work for you? What if they’re actually not compatible with your particular biochemistry, and worsening your health? What if you had a test that could quantify the impact of your supplements, drugs, fitness, sleep, or habits on any outcome? Say disease risk, IQ, healthspan, or athletic performance? Well, it exists. And this week we’re diving deep into the science, applications, and buyer’s guide to biological age testing.

Meet our guest

Ryan Smith attended Transylvania University and graduated with a degree in Biochemistry. After finishing all the educational curriculum and passing USMLE Step 1 he decided to leave and open up a pharmacy in the United States that focused on peptide synthesis and formulations for pharmaceutical preparations. That pharmacy, Tailor Made Compounding, became the 4th fastest growing company in healthcare in the US. During that time Ryan invested in several businesses in the functional medicine space. Ryan exited Tailor Made in late 2020. Since then, Ryan has opened many businesses including TruDiagnostic, a company focusing on methylation array-based diagnostics for life extension and preventive healthcare.

TruDiagnostic is a CLIA certified lab and health data company focused on serving integrative and functional medicine providers in the United States. TruDiagnostic has a commitment to research with over 30 approved clinical research studies investigating the epigenetic methylation changes of a variety of longevity and health interventions. Since Tru Diagnostic’s inception, they have created one of the largest private epigenetic health databases in the world with over 13,000 patients tested and continue to lead the space in epigenetic methylation interpretation and diagnostic prediction.

Thank you to our partners Key takeaways
  • Epigenetic algorithms can be used to predict the effect of virtually anything (supplements, sleep, habits, exercise, etc), on any outcome (disease risk, human performance)
  • Unlike 23andMe and other DNA tests, epigenetics return actionable and useful results
  • When choosing a epigenetic age testing service, research the: sample type, scale of testing, # of CPGs measured, algorithm used, privacy of your data
  • Many of the most promising healthspan-increasing modalities are plasma related
  • 1 dose of the peptide SS31 is the energy (ATP) equivalent of 6 months of endurance exercise
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