Superhuman Quantum Medicine For Rapid Recovery | Ian Mitchell
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Imagine getting bucked off your motorcycle while heading down the freeway at 65 MPH. Fractured bones, TBI, rampant inflammation, road rash, the prognosis is usually quite bleak. What if instead of following the standard of care, you had the best tools of modern science at your disposal? Is it possible that you’d be up and walking several weeks later? While I certainly recommend following your medical professionals advice, our guest this week took a different approach and got some unbelievable results.

Meet our guest

Ian Mitchell is the closest thing to a modern-day wizard. He’s the Lead Scientist at Wizard Sciences and Biocharged, and a brilliant researcher of a longevity molecule called Carbon 60. Ian is an adviser to many top health & wellness brands. He’s combining quantum medicine with nanoparticles and other technologies to increase quality of life and healthspan. Ian is well-versed in ancient wisdom, modern science, and spirituality.

Thank you to our partners Key takeaways
  • No one truly understands the mechanisms of quantum biology, but the effects are measurable and consistent
  • How Ian Mitchell used specific physical and energetic healing technologies to defy conventional physicals & repair a major injury in record-breaking time
  • An introspective practice, no matter how simple, has been pivotal to Ian’s widely varying successes
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