Biowater, Real Hydration, & The World’s #1 Anti-Aging Elixir | Isabel Friend
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Whether searching on other planets, or surviving on Earth, we know that water is a biological necessity. ~99/100 molecules in the human body are water. We’re basically human aquariums, only as healthy as our internal “biowater”. This episode explores how the vitality of water measurably impacts us, how to upgrade your own water, and little-known ancestral wisdom.

Meet our guest

Isabel is an international water advocate, speaker, activist, and educator. She's been studying water for 12 years and teaching about water for 6 years in 6 countries. Her wellness philosophy centers around the idea that the closer we come to nature, the healthier and more human we become. Contrarily, when we stray from these foundational laws of life, we become ill and feel disconnected from our Source. She's passionate about bringing modern scientific understanding together with ancient ancestral wisdom in a way that grounds primal elemental practices into our 21st-century lifestyles.

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Key takeaways
  • Form, phase, and function of water matter more than the quantity you drink
  • Human emotions charge & imprint water better than anything
  • Temperature, light, and storage container type can radically change water quality
  • The best water solutions are based on biomimicry
  • Biowater, mineral-rich cerebrospinal fluid, is only one molecule different from Quinton seawater
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