Hundreds of Muscles You Didn‘t Know to Train | Karese Laguerre @ The Myo Spot
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I've never thought much about my facial muscles. As you'll learn today, that's a big mistake. Hundreds of muscles between your shoulders and head keep you alive and functioning well. Just like we train major muscle groups with weight lifting, running, and sports, so should we train the smaller ones we use automatically.

Meet our guest

Karese Laguerre is a Registered Dental Hygienist. She graduated from the University of Medicine and Dentistry NJ. As a mother of four, Karese actively sought solutions to symptoms her kids experienced. Such as snoring, wetting the bed until age 9, sleepwalking, frequent congestion, allergies, inability to breastfeed, diagnosis with ADHD, and sensory processing issues. She discovered a rarely discussed missing link, studied under Sandra Holtzman, and became an Orofacial Myologist. Later, Karese founded The Myo Spot where she helps others improve their sleep, health, and facial aesthetics using a special type of training.

Thank you to our sponsors Key takeaways
  • The muscles between the shoulders and forehead require special attention to optimize vital functions (breathing, chewing, swallowing)
  • Seemingly random symptoms can come from poor orofacial function
  • Why Karese believes that the tongue should almost be classified as an organ
  • If your oral health declines despite brushing your teeth and flossing, consider OMT
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