The Shocking Truth About Bodybuilding & Healthy Tips to Optimize Your Body | Connie Nightingale
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Bodybuilders were some of the original biohackers. Experimenting with supplements, molecules, and tweaking the delicate endocrine system. Leading to well-developed and balanced physiques, but at what cost? Often mood, happiness, and paradoxically, their health and longevity. This episode draws from the best of two camps: health optimization and radical body transformation.

Meet our guest

Connie Nightingale had frequent brain fog, body fatigue, weight gain, and a general lack of motivation — and plenty of other indicators that something needed to change. In 2015, Connie dove down a nutrition rabbit hole that led to her certifications as a nutritionist and personal trainer so she could help others do the same. Knowing that the body is part of one beautifully functioning whole, Connie uniquely targets the mental, physical, and nutritional elements of healthy living from a functional standpoint. It has been said many times over that “abs start in the kitchen.” While this is true, Connie knows that mental wellness, gut health, and physical energy start in the kitchen too. This is why Connie tailors individualized eating plans for her client's specific goals and desired outcomes. Her journey towards holistic health has changed her from the inside out and she is ready to help you do the same. Connie’s expertise ranges from nutritional guidance, one-on-one personal training, contest and lifestyle coaching, mindset reframing, and bodybuilding competition posing. Her goal is to teach each person how to empower themselves towards future self-sufficiency by cracking their very own health code.

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Key takeaways
  • Cutting calories is unsustainable over the long term, but weight loss is a "side effect" of optimal health
  • Why you should think hard before getting an organ surgically removed (Connie's regret)
  • The most pernicious foods lurking in your cupboard (sugar is not one of them)
  • How measuring progress through lab testing beats daily weigh-ins
  • Which health trends should women and men differ on
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