Smart Holistic Training Tips For Maximum Results & Safety | Mike Salemi
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What’s the best, most effective, safest form of training? The personalized plan tailored to your biology and goals. While generic fitness programs can work, the world’s greatest personal trainers approach transforming your body differently. In this interview, our guest shares often-overlooked facets and principles of physical human performance.

Meet our guest

Mike Salemi specializes in human performance and is a sought-after international presenter in the field of health and fitness. Mike has a diverse background in strength and conditioning and has competed over the course of 15+ years at an elite level in Powerlifting and Kettlebell Sport. Professionally, Mike has served as a Division 1 strength and conditioning coach for Santa Clara University, as well as been the trainer to elite athletes across a wide range of sports. His focus is teaching educational workshops, certifications, and creating programs on unconventional training that build more balanced athletes.

Thank you to our partners Key takeaways
  • The 3 planes of movement & 7 movement patterns vital for any healthy, functional human
  • "Inflammation in the organs downregulates our ability to stabilize our spine"
  • "Breathing pattern is among the first things any personal trainer should assess"
  • "The more intelligent the nervous system, the more intelligent the entire body"
  • Any personal trainer can kick your butt, but getting you long-term POWERFUL results comes from building fundamentals
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