The Air Advantage (Ultimate Guide To Pristine Air) | David Milburn
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Around the clock, our environment impacts our health. Either setting you up for success or making your journey more difficult. One of the core variables is your air quality. Even if you’re already using a HEPA filter, our guest shares important considerations.

Meet our guest

David Milburn currently serves as VP for the Young Trust, a tech focused VC firm, and the CTO of Hypoallergenic Air LLC. At HypoAir, Milburn has spent 10 years solving some of the world's worst air quality issues for clients ranging from aerospace manufacturing facilities to hospitals in Brooklyn during the height of COVID. Over the last decade he's assisted thousands of business owners, homeowners, and biohackers of all walks of life to solve their unique air quality challenges.

Thank you to our partners Key takeaways
  • Indoor air quality is virtually always worse than outdoor air quality
  • Too much humidity causes mold, combat this by increasing air flow
  • Air freshens mask odors but add contaminants and don’t address the root causes
  • HEPA filters alone do not neutralize the particulates
  • Air filter price or size do not always reflect quality
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