The Healing Beyond Recovery Podcast
Mike Govoni
The Healing Beyond Recovery Podcast is a show for people in recovery who are looking to experience deeper healing and transformation beyond the limitation of traditional paths to recovery. Our host Mike Govoni brings you conversations with leading experts in the field of trauma, addiction, recovery, spirituality, health and consciousness. Past guests include Dr. Daniel Sumrock, Medical Director and Specialist in trauma-informed treatment, Dr. Paul Epstein, Pioneer in the field of Mind/Body Medicine, Somatic Experiencing therapist Taruno Steffensen and 5 time author Kevin Griffen who wrote the best seller “One Breath At A Time” and “Buddhism And The 12 Steps.” Mike Govoni believes to shift from recovery to healing we have to address the “Whole” person and take a bio-psycho-social approach to recovery. He believes recovery is just one part of a larger whole and by addressing the whole of who we are and our lives we can experience healing. His conversations on the show with leading experts are to support the listener to see a broader perspective when it comes to recovery from addiction and the power of taking an integrative approach can have to experience deeper healing, health & wholeness. Mike Govoni has been in recovery for over 15 years and on a personal quest to experience healing beyond the story of what happened to him. Mike has had to overcome some of life’s greatest challenges including childhood trauma, addiction & chronic illness. His path to experience healing has led him from the temples of India to the jungle’s of Costa Rica working with shamans and other holistic doctors, practitioners and healers along the way. Today Mike has a thriving private practice working as a trauma-informed Integrative Holistic Recovery Coach where he supports people in taking an Integrative Holistic approach to their lives in recovery to experience transformation. He believes you can heal no matter what your story may be.
The Healing Beyond Recovery Podcast
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