28 - When Your Loved One is Addicted: Setting Boundaries & Healing Codependency w/ Maureen Towns BScN, MA
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About the Episode:

In this episode, I interview Maureen Towns. She is the founder and owner of Maureen Towns Consulting, a consulting company designed to help families struggling to care for their loved ones with mental health and addiction issues. Her own family’s struggles with mental illness and addiction transformed her approach to communication, boundary setting, and advocacy, and ultimately led to positive relationships and freedom. Her work with families inspires them to rediscover themselves within chaotic and challenging situations. If you are a parent to an addicted child, this will be right up your alley. But if you are a child of an alcoholic or addict, you'll benefit as well. Maureen's keen awareness and skill help people navigate the often codependent and boundary-less relationships which many of us with family members suffering from addiction face. 


Takeaways from the episode:

  • The difference between setting a boundary and creating a rule
  • How to work with the deep-seated fear of something terrible happening to your child or parent
  • How to take steps to reclaim your own life again
  • How the pain of having an addicted child or parent can be the gateway to your own healing and transformation
  • Maureen shares her own personal story of the challenges she faced with having four children who struggled with addiction and mental health conditions and how the pain broke her wide open to help her walk her own journey to find healing for herself, her children, and now, the clients she supports.

About Maureen Towns:

Maureen published her first book Broken Open in 2021 and hosts a podcast by the same name. She has been a featured guest on other podcasts including Reframe Your Life, Science with Soul, Life in Recovery, The Bubble Hour, Authentic Talks 2.0, Empowered and Authentic, and Hope Motivates Action. Speaking Topics include Stepping off the Emotional Roller Coaster, How to Create and Stick to Boundaries, and Self-Care in Chaos.


Maureen Towns BScN, MA is a family consultant with over 25 years of nursing experience in both public and private healthcare across Canada. Fueled by the lasting positive impact on the many families she has already helped, her mission now is to bring that wholeness, healing, and freedom to families across the world.


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