27 - Where Ancient Practices Meet Modern Technology to Optimize Your Brain & Improve Your Mental Health in Recovery w/ Dr. Patrick Porter, PhD
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Here to share how essential it is to address your brain and nervous system health so you can feel your best and live your most happiest, healthiest most impactful life in recovery. In this episode Dr. Patrick Porter and I discuss the science behind brain optimization and how ancient practices that many civilizations were integrating into their everyday life is more applicable today than ever before when it comes healing and balancing your brain. Dr. Porter has taken the five practices he believes most in and combined them into a piece of technology in which he created called BrainTap to optimize brain function so you can feel your best. The five practices that Dr. Porter has brilliantly combined into this unique device are meditation, self talk, music, frequency and light. He says when these five are working synergistically they have the power to influence brain wave states and increase neural plasticity; the natural ability for the brain to re-wire itself to create more healthy connections that transfer into your everyday life. Dr. Porter shares how being the son of an alcoholic was a complete gift after his dad found the power of meditation from a local priest that forever changed his life. As a result his dad taught all nine of Dr. Porter’s siblings. Which profoundly changed Dr. Porter’s life and birthed his life’s work to become a doctor and highly successful entrepreneur. 

In this episode you will leave with having learned: 

  • Why it’s essential that we need to shift from the surviving brain to the thriving brain if we want to improve our mental, physical and emotional health. 
  • Why meditation is the super power when it comes to recovery and healing and addressing the root cause of addiction which is a dysregulated nervous system. 
  • We talk about why learning about brain wave states and how to balance them is critical to transforming past negative thoughts and reactions to more healthy ones of empowerment and freedom. 
  • What it means when you “feel stuck” and how to become unstuck by addressing your brain state. 
  • Why sleep is so important—for example most of your neurotransmitters that support your brain are made right in your gut during high quality sleep and to feel good, getting proper sleep in a must. 
  • Why positive self talk is so important - in fact Dr. Porter shares the research shows we can change over 2,300 gene expressions with our self talk alone. 
  • How the research taken from some of the most ancient practices and when combined in one system which is what Dr. Porter has done in his new new BrainTap device can supercharge your brain and get you on the fast track to health and healing.. I’m going to second that.. I use  Brain Tap once and sometimes twice a day and I notice a big change in my sleep, relaxation and the beliefs I tell myself. It’s a super cool technology 
  • And one thing I find really fascinating Dr. Porter shares with us how being the son of an alcoholic was a huge blessing and how it lead him to his greatest discoveries and the work he is does today supporting others. 

About Dr. Patrick Porter: 

Dr. Patrick K. Porter, PhD is an award-winning author, educator, consultant, entrepreneur, and speaker. With 30 years of experience operating the largest self-help franchise, he has become a highly sought-after expert within the personal improvement industry, having sold over 3 million of his self-help products worldwide. 

Dr. Porter has produced an arsenal of nearly 700 audio-recorded motivational programs and creative visualization processes, and has sold more than 3 million books and recordings worldwide. He has devoted his professional career to developing successful methods that empower people. He has personally instructed more than 35,000 people in personal improvement. He earned his doctorate degree from Louisiana Baptist and has been features on NPR, The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, People, Entrepreneur, and INC, as well as ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and the Discovery Channel and more. 











TEDx Talk:  https://www.youtube.com/c/drpatrickporter



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