Episode 027: Answer to the #1 Question: How do I Find My Purpose?
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This episode Jateya answers the number one question she’s asked, “How do I find my purpose?” She shares the top three purpose categories, how to access the passion closest to your purpose, and tactics on connecting the dots. Join Jateya as she discusses how to find your purpose.


In today’s episode, we cover:


  • Top 3 purpose categories
  • How to access the passion closest to your purpose
  • Importance of working backwards



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Notable Quotes:


[00:03:14] Unfortunately, but fortunately, the purpose of that experience was for you to be able to help someone else through it or prevent them from going through it. And unfortunately, but fortunately, you have to accept that it happened for you and not to. And we have to let go of the shame.


[00:05:13] I was surviving, but I was so desperately wanting to thrive. I so desperately new and felt in my gut that I was destined for more. But I just didn't, one know what more was and two, how to get there.  


[00:05:28] You are equipped to help the younger version of you. So helping the younger version of you, whether that was you 10 years ago, five years ago, six months, three days or just yesterday. You are equipped to help the younger version of you.


[00:07:26] Nine times out of 10 you have always been doing this thing, and you just naturally do it. So that it's not obvious to you Or you think it's so simple that it can't be it. A good friend once said, “your simple is somebody else is significant.” Meaning what’s so easy for you is hard for them.

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