Episode 010: The Effects of Unresolved Trauma on Clarity with Ramesha Nicole
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This week's guest is Ramesha Nicole! Ramesha is The Internal Debt Collector.  The heart of her purpose is to help Christian millennial women experience freedom from unhealed mama trauma that continues to AFFECT and INFECT every area of their lives including their finances. The goal is to help them experience true freedom in order to live a life that's purposefully and financially free. I'm so super excited for her to share some gems!   You all are truly in for a treat.


Ramesha is the COO & Founder of Finance Therapy & Co, a coaching and consulting company that focuses on the holistic approach to financial freedom. What if she told you she found financial freedom through God healing her from childhood trauma? What if she also told you that an unhealed mother wound was connected to and infecting her finances decades later? As the Internal Debt Collector™, she helps you to rid the mental, emotional, physical, relational, and spiritual debt that has a stronghold on your finances via powerful and transformative speeches, 1:1 coaching and group coaching, consulting, as well as her weekly podcast The Ramesha Nicole Show.



In today’s episode, we cover:

  • Push forth the vision God gave you
  • Get out of your own way to prosper
  • Course Correct
  • Do more with more

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Notable Quotes:

[00:06:15] Your money is just a byproduct of why you are the way you are who you are. Who do you say you are? What do you believe about yourself? If you don't feel that you are necessary, if you don't feel that you are important, if you don't feel that you have a purpose, you are going to continue to chase things and chase money, right? Or chase validation and you swiping a credit card, because you're going on trips to fill a void.

[00:15:42] Because if I don't heal my wounds, my wounds are gonna spill over onto the people that God is called to my voice. I heard Pastor Chandler Bailey say, he said, God wants you to be a whole-ionaire before he wants you to be a millionaire. And it coincides with what I believe, if you are not whole and free from your internal wounds it’s going to affect and infect every area of your life including your finances.

[00:25:16] The Bible says that he gives you the power to generate wealth. He gives us all gifts. Look at your hands. Everything you need is inside your hand. Stop looking for a hand out.

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