Episode #8: Fuel-Oil System & Engine Operation
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*Apologies on the added noises! I had to be outside for this recording and got some winds in the mic. Also... sorry for my struggles with the word Detonation (still saying it weird... I can't stop! haha)


Welcome to the Part Time Pilot Audio Ground School Podcast! This podcast is going to be all about providing student pilots with ANOTHER way that they can consume the Private Pilot curriculum. 

The #1 reason student pilots never end up becoming a private pilot is NOT due to money. The real reason is actually deeper than that. Yes, flight training is expensive. But every student pilot knows this and budgets for it when they decide to do it.

The actual #1 reason a student pilot fails is because they do not have a good, fundamental understanding of the private pilot knowledge they are meant to learn in ground school. 

You see when a student does not have a good grasp of this knowledge they get to a point in their flight training where their mind just can't keep up. They start making mistakes and having to redo lessons. And THAT is when it starts getting too expensive. 

This audio ground school is meant for the modern day student pilot... aka the part time student pilot. Let's face it, the majority of us have full time responsibilities on top of flight training. Whether it is a job, kids, family, school, etc. we all keep ourselves busy with the things that are important to us. And with today's economy we have to maintain that job just to pay for the training. The modern day student pilot is busy, on the go and always trying to find time throughout his or her day to stay up on their studies. The audio ground school allows them to consume high quality content while walking, running, working out, sitting in traffic, traveling, or even just a break from the boring FAR/AIM or ground school lecture. 

Did I meant high quality content? The audio ground school is taken straight out of the 5-star rated Part Time Pilot Online Ground School that has had over 350 students take and pass their Private Pilot exams without a SINGLE STUDENT FAILING. We do this by keeping ground school engaging, fun, light and consumable. We have written lessons, videos, audio lessons, live video lessons, community chats, quizzes, practice tests, flash cards, study guides, eBooks and much more. 

Part Time Pilot was created to be a breath of fresh air for student pilots. To be that flight training provider that looks out for them and their needs. So that is just what we are doing with this podcast. 


Episode 8:

In this episode I go over everything a student pilot needs to know about the fuel and oil system including the components of fuel system, how these components work and how fuel and oil get to the engine. WE ALSO go into the lesson on how aircraft engines work AND aircraft engine emergencies and issues such as detonation and pre-ignition. Be sure to check out the videos linked below for good visual aids!


Links mentioned in the episode:

Online Ground School: https://parttimepilot.com/private-pilot-online-ground-school/?utm_source=podcast

Free How to Become a Private Pilot course: https://parttimepilot.com/free-how-to-become-a-pilot/

Video on the Fuel-Oil System: https://youtu.be/hT_AQ3NCce8

Video on the Aircraft Engines: https://youtu.be/vk-gUWzwPhI 



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