Podcasting in the B2B World: How to leverage it to drive brand awareness and revenue
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James Mulvany is an endless resource about all things podcasting. As Founder of podcast.co and matchmaker.fm, two platforms designed to maximize the success of podcasts, we've lured him into sharing all the tips and tricks of succeeding in the B2B podcasting world.

Sneak peek:

"It's a case of identifying your market, trying to reach people who are maybe looking for a solution to a problem, or identifying some of the common pain points or the common questions that your customers have, and trying to solve them in an informative and entertaining way." - James Mulvany

Key discussions covered in this episode include:

  • How to successfully position yourself in the B2B podcast space and stand out amongst competitors
  • Creative examples of B2B companies who have successfully launched podcasts
  • The importance of building a podcast strategy and some principles and practices to follow
  • Measuring the success of a podcast and how to tie that to the overall company goals
  • The benefits of being a guest on external podcasts and how to position yourself as a thought leader

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About James: James Mulvany is a successful entrepreneur based in Manchester, UK. Over the past 10 years, he has built multiple internet companies - primarily in the audio space. His current portfolio include; Podcast.co, MatchMaker.fm & Radio.co and he recently launched a full-service agency, Cue Podcasts, to provide podcast production and live audio solutions for brands. Connect with James here.

About This Podcast: The Supercharge Marketing podcast is for B2B Marketers who believe in the power of brand and storytelling. Featuring no-B.S. conversations from marketing experts who dare to do things differently, this podcast will leave you feeling inspired and ready to amplify your marketing strategy to thrive and stand out in the rapidly evolving world of marketing.

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