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Nov 22, 2022
The Unfolding Food Crisis
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Several hundred Israeli companies are developing food technology solutions in view of the unfolding food crisis. That is good because farmers, especially small farmers, are under siege. Consumers worldwide are feeling the pain too. Given the unavailability of food staples and skyrocketing prices of essential food, weekly visits to the supermarket have turned into traumatic events.

COVID-19 can no longer be blamed for barren shelves. At the time of the production of this podcast, Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine was not restricting the export of that much of Ukraine’s harvest. More mendacious factors are at work. The genesis and potential severity of worldwide food insecurity are the subjects of this highly informative podcast. Topics discussed include:

How are progressive policies resulting in soaring prices for diesel fuel, which farmers need to run their equipment and truckers need to deliver food to the stores?

Why is the war on fertilizer a horrible development for sustainable food production?

Why are rising levels of carbon dioxide a positive development for crops’ reliance on water?

Why does the Orwellian named “Inflation Reduction Act” pay farmers not to farm?

Why is the SEC telling private farmers to track their emissions?

To what extent are banks withholding credit to farmers?

How is the Biden administration withholding water from farmers by broadening the definition of “Waters of the United States?”

To what extent is China instigating the war on America’s farmers?

How was the deadly deprivation of baby formula a consequence of misguided liberal policy?

What is the Right to Repair all about?

Dr. Bonner R. Cohen, Senior Fellow, National Center for Public Policy Research

Dr. Bonner concentrates on energy, natural resources, and international relations at the National Center for Public Policy Research, where he serves as a Senior Fellow. He also serves as a senior policy adviser with the Heartland Institute, senior policy analyst with the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, and as adjunct scholar at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

Articles by Dr. Cohen have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Investor’s Business Daily, New York Post, Washington Times, National Review, Philadelphia Inquirer, Detroit News, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Miami Herald, and dozens of other newspapers in the U.S. and Canada. He has been interviewed on Fox News, CNN, Fox Business Channel, BBC, BBC Worldwide Television, NBC, NPR, N 24 (German language news channel), Voice of Russia, and scores of radio stations in the U.S.

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