The Entrepreneurial “Lie” Of Bad Habits (and what you should do instead) with Erin Pheil
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Savages this week I have Erin Pheil, the founder of The MindFix Group, joining me on the podcast to discuss how we can train ourselves to change our habits and how it can result in leveling up our business and self-worth. Let’s be honest, we all have those shortcomings we can’t seem to shake despite the amazing advice we get from so many inspirational speakers. Well, Erin is the real deal! She has created a groundbreaking system that nips those subconscious traits in the bud. Her method has a 95% success rate. It’s basically foolproof! Dive in and give this episode a listen. 

By the way, if you aren’t a member of the Savage Marketer Facebook Group you may want to join asap. Erin is offering to go live with one of our lucky members and treat them to a free session, giving the Savage Marketers Facebook Group a taste of her program. Don't miss your chance to snag this opportunity!

The Entrepreneurial “Lie” Of Bad Habits (and what you should do instead) with Erin Pheil

  1. “It's gonna be like an internal tug of war if you try to change your actions without addressing what's sitting underneath.” Erin
  2. “You have so much more power when you actually focus on and identify the root cause of why you're taking certain actions and why you're stuck with certain habits. ” Erin
  3. “What I want to leave people with, is that you don't have to add more to your life or do more to your business to get better. ” Jeffery

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Show Notes 

The Entrepreneurial “Lie” Of Bad Habits (and what you should do instead) with Erin Pheil

[02:08] The realization you get from facing deeply rooted short comings that prevent achievements.

[05:25] Erin’s journey that led to MindFix.

[11:12] Erin’s thoughts on what wrong with changing bad habits.

[17:29] The hard way to change your actions, that everyone takes. 

[23:52] The problems with imposter syndrome and the results from getting rid of those beliefs.

[30:26] The difference between MindFix and going to therapy.

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