How a “lie” landed him a 25k deal with the US Marines with Andres Peguero
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Never let inexperience stop your ingenuity! That’s exactly what Andres learned as he maneuvered his way to the top of the web development field.

During this conversation he is transparent about his naivete at the beginning of his career but because he was tapped into high-level thinking, he was able to bag some incredible opportunities despite his lack of experience. He clues the audience in on a few successful aspects of his career which included:

  • How to take risks and figure out execution later.
  • Why it’s worth working on your craft even when there isn’t a paying gig.
  • How to build a great reputation and rapport in your industry.

Value Bombs

  1. “Become really good at googling things when you don’t know something”
  2. “If you want to work with the big guys, you need to organize like the big guys”
  3.  Take advice, execute and report your progress.


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Andres is the founder of 3aces Studio. A multicultural production studio that specializes in software solutions and high-end products. After graduating from Trinity College in 2016, Andres was not new to entrepreneurship. He once worked an entire year on building a fantasy football app that flopped not long after it launched. His work ethic didn’t fail him though because he eventually found an opportunity in freelancing and grew his reputation as a person who would go above and beyond, landing him a deal with the US government.

Show Notes 

[01:14] Introducing Andres Peguero

[03:07] Becoming a global app developer with no coding experience at web design.

[06:56] Take advantage of the luck factor aka opportunity.

[09:11] When incorporating your company, buy business insurance.

[10:44] Enrich your service by giving more than what you are getting.

[13:50] Take advantage of opportunities and figure it out after you seal the deal.

[15:07] Tap into high-level thinking.

[17:43] Hire within your network first.

[19:06] How to build the trust you need for people to want to work with you in the future.

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