Getting Out of The Circle Of Weight Loss Hate
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Welcome to Reaching ONEderland where I help you reach your weight loss goal and maintain it is without maintaining it. You're just on that weight loss rollercoaster. And I don't want you there. 

Welcome to episode 20, where we are talking about weight loss and the circle of hate that takes us completely off track. And it is something I want to help you break.

Today's episode is actually brought to you by Become a MacroUnicorn where I help you lose weight, balance hormones, bust cravings, and break weight loss, plateaus, but you know what? None of that's going to work unless you can get out of the circle of hate. So that's what I want to talk to you about today. 

It's the end of January already, and more than likely that first week of January, you set some huge goals. 

And by the second or third week of January, maybe you started slipping and I want to help you get out of there. So why should you listen to me? 

I'm coach Michelle and I have lost a hundred pounds, three times in my life. I was put on my very first diet of 900 calories at the age of nine.

And I have lived on the weight loss rollercoaster, and in that circle of hate, for close to 42 years. I lost the last 120 pounds, for the last time I'm ever going to lose it at 42. So if they are telling you, you can't lose weight or you're feeling too old to lose weight, get out of the there because I am 50 now.

And I have been maintaining this weight loss for going on seven years. So you can do this, but one of the things you have to do in order to do this is get out of that circle of hate. Now, what is the circle of hate? 

Today I am going to explain the circle of hate, and give you some steps to get out of that hole!


Weight loss is about a lot more than “eat less and move more”!  But to reach your goal the number one thing you must do is track what you eat!

Get started with the basics for weight loss in this free guide:  Simple Weight Loss For Women Over 40

Get your “3 steps to lose weight without setting yourself up for the weight loss rollercoaster so you can become the hot, sexy, active woman, wife, mother, and/or grandmother you want to be!”

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