What Do Hormones Have To Do With Weight Loss After 40?
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What the heck do hormones have to do with weight loss anyway?  Our bodies are run by hormones.  We have hormones that make us feel full, hormones that make us feel satiated, and hormones that start and stop the weight loss process.

Balancing out these hormones is how I lost 120 pounds the last time, and have been able to maintain it for seven years when I've lost a hundred pounds twice before naturally and was not able to maintain it. I actually gained it back in just a couple of months, longer than it took me to lose it. 

So let's talk about hormones and weight loss. Over 40. Once we hit 40, our world goes a little upside down and everybody knows. We all hear it's hard to lose weight after 30, but after 40 it's nearly impossible and you should just accept it. 

Wrong answer! 

 I did lose after 40, and  I coach women over 40 how they can lose this weight and keep it off too!

It's time to change that preconception. Our hormones do go wacky, but there are ways we can naturally adjust and fluctuate our hormones with food. 

Let’s talk about healthy hormones in today's episode!

About Reaching ONEderland

Welcome to Reaching ONEderland where I help you reach your weight loss goal and maintain it because without maintaining it, you're stuck on that weight loss rollercoaster forever. It is my belief that mindset, habits, and Macros are the cornerstones of reaching your weight loss goals.  

Each of these along with moderation helped me finally lose 120 pounds and they help me maintain my weight loss 7 years later.

You can use these skills to lose weight, balance hormones, bust cravings, break plateaus and get on track and stay there!

About Coach Michelle

I'm coach Michelle and I am a unique weight loss coach in that for 42 years, I was on the weight loss rollercoaster. I lost a hundred pounds, three times. 

I was put on my very first diet at the age of nine, and it was a 900 calorie diet. I never want to go back there, but it was not until I was 42 that I actually figured out how to lose the weight and keep it off.  At 42 I lost weight in 18 months and I’ve maintained it for seven years. 

If you do the math, that means I am 50 years old and I am still maintaining said 120-pound weight loss that took me about 18 months to achieve, and I achieved that weight loss after 40. 

I am here to help you reach your weight loss goal and stay there!

Don’t listen when they say you can’t lose weight after you reach 40, 

My goal is not to help you do another diet, but to create a lifestyle of healthy living that allows you to maintain your weight loss for life!


Weight loss is about a lot more than “eat less and move more”!  But to reach your goal the number one thing you must do is track what you eat!

Get started with the basics for weight loss in this free guide:  Simple Weight Loss For Women Over 40

Get your “3 steps to lose weight without setting yourself up for the weight loss rollercoaster so you can become the hot sexy active momma, wife, and woman you want to be!”


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