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Are you showing up to your weight loss with a I'm unstoppable attitude? Or are just showing up with a floppable attitude?

I can guarantee this second attitude, is what my dad would call half-a$$ed. Boy doing anything halfway totally ticked that man off.

But are you sitting there thinking about how bad you want it, but each little bump in the road takes you waaaay off track for days or weeks at a time?

If you were acting as a cheerleader for a friend or your child and they had a bump in the road to something they want how do you respond? Do you encourage them to cry in their soupy icecream, or do you tell them to get back up on that horse and ride it again until they master the task they are working on?

Let's talk about how you can show up unstoppable for your weight loss and why you should!



Weight loss is about a lot more than “eat less and move more”!  But to reach your goal the number one thing you must do is track what you eat!

Get started with the basics for weight loss in this free guide:  Simple Weight Loss For Women Over 40

Get your “3 steps to lose weight without setting yourself up for the weight loss rollercoaster so you can become the hot, sexy, active woman, wife, mother, and/or grandmother you want to be!”

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