Why Do We Eat Our Emotions With Dr. Nina
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Today on the podcast we have a special guest. Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin. She is the author of "The Binge Cure, 7 Steps to Outsmart Emotional Eating." This is an amazing book and a book on the reading list of the ONEder Sisters Inner Circle, a membership for creating weight loss habits to help you reach your ONEderland Weight Loss goals.

We have spent a great deal of time as a group discussing the techniques Dr. Nina shares in her book. This book is definitely worth a read, if you struggle with emotional eating.

Dr Nina, joins us today to discuss the article she wrote for Psyche-"How to Stop Emotional Eating".

Today we are going to discuss the following three questions as they relate to weight loss:

  1. Let's talk about cravings... ya know we all have them. From a psychoanalytic approach how do you see cravings?
  2. I love that you say stop dieting. Now I encourage using habits and one of those habits is planning your food for the week, and for some habits that work. But habits are only part of it… When you say: stop dieting I don’t think you mean just have “a food free for all”. What are you advising people to do?
  3. How would you help women overcome feeling powerless? This is often a HUGE reason we as women eat.

After listening to the podcast if you want to read an amazing article to help you understand why you emotionally eat check out Dr. Nina's article here;


Weight loss is about a lot more than “eat less and move more”!  But to reach your goal the number one thing you must do is track what you eat!

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