Forever Break
Forever Break
May 26, 2020
S1E7: Sound & The Mind - Can soundwaves really affect the subconscious? + unlock this power to strengthen your mind
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Hearing the sounds of birds chirping in the early morning or waves lapping at the shore on a warm, summer day are well-known ways to relax and restore a sense of calm. So, it should come as no surprise that soundwaves can strongly impact our brains and the unconscious mind.

In this episode, Lianne & Corey explore the benefits of listening to alpha wave music to tap into the natural state of rest and improve mental coordination, alertness, creativity, focus, and learning. There’s a tip for any university students cramming for exams!

Curious about how soundwaves work, our hosts connect with Terri Bowman, founder of the Brain Wellness Spa where sufferers of depression, anxiety, and other common struggles are treated not by medication or talk therapy, but by listening to voice at specific harmonic frequencies and vibrations to tap into the unconscious. Terri shares her inspiring personal journey and explains how her organization can help people across the globe overcome a range of issues from insomnia, to mental health challenges, to attracting wealth.

Terri’s inspiring story proves you don’t know what life has in store around the corner, but there’s never reason to accept the role of the victim.


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