Help! What About the Money When Thinking About Divorce? GUEST: Michelle Jacobik
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with Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, The Relationship Help Doctor

HELP! What About The Money When Thinking About Divorce - Episode 41

GUEST: Michelle Jacobik, author of Prosperity After Divorce


In this episode, Dr. Shaler introduces a new topic: prosperity. This is the first time she's addressed this.

As you know, Dr. Shaler has written many books, and one called "What You Pay Attention To Expands" offers the keys to understanding how powerful your mind is. Today, she talks about how you can purposefully and intentionally use it because, as she says, "Prosperity begins between your ears."

Prosperity is the state of thriving. Today's tips on how to draw prosperity to you--whether that is relationships, health, success, career, family, whatever kind of prosperity--can help you make shifts in your mindset that will make significant changes in your world.

GUEST: Michelle Jacobik, author of Prosperity After Divorce

Money? It's a big consideration when the topic of divorce comes up. In fact, it keeps people from actually divorcing, sometimes, for a long time! Each time they think of divorcing, they step back because of money issues. Does that sound familiar?

On the back of Michelle's book, Prosperity After Divorce, she wrote,

"Money is linked to our deepest identification with security, fulfillment, stability, and freedom." So, it's quite possible that before we even had a difficult relationship with a partner, we already had a difficult relationship with money. True?

Of course, money is a huge part of every divorce negotiation. And, it's best if you've been used to talking about money with your partner BEFORE YOU DIVORCE. But, if that has not been the case, you need the mindset, skills, and insights that Michelle is sharing in this episode.

Do you know what "compensatory spending" is?" You need to know that, and we discuss it during the episode.

Here's some interview highlights:

  • How facing your money issues increase your self-confidence
  • How to keep from feeling like you're free-falling financially
  • Why you were always told that budgets are good ideas
  • Insights into debt reduction planning, and saving...even if there is no rainy day in sight

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