Vetting a Prospective Tenant for Your Rental Property
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Join hosts Seun Adeyemi, a Certified Financial Planner®, and Realtor Othniel Litchmore in this episode of the True Wealth Podcast as they delve into the crucial process of vetting potential tenants for rental properties.

Drawing from their expertise in financial planning and real estate, they provide insights on tenant selection, red flag identification, and maintaining a balanced approach to ensure successful property management.

Episode Highlights:


Key Considerations: The hosts highlight the importance of thorough tenant vetting, stressing its impact on rental property success.

Red Flags: Learn how to identify warning signs during the screening process, such as inconsistent income and rental history gaps.

Balancing Caution and Fairness: Discover tips on maintaining fairness while avoiding potential legal pitfalls.

Using Technology: Explore online tools to verify tenant information and ensure a secure selection process.

Building Positive Relationships: The hosts underscore the value of effective communication and fostering a harmonious tenant-landlord dynamic.


Tune in for expert advice from Seun Adeyemi and Othniel Litchmore on making informed tenant selection decisions for lasting property success.

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