Integrated Diagnostics and the Collaborative Future of Medicine with Prof. Dr. Stefan Schönberg | Christoph Zindel
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One of the biggest beneficiaries of technological advancements has been the field of medicine. While vaccines to stop previous pandemics took decades to develop, multiple COVID-19 vaccines were developed within a much shorter time frame. Increased collaboration between players in the industry and those in the tech world promises even more advancements in the near future.

In this episode, Managing Board Member Christoph Zindel is joined by Stefan Schönberg, MD, director and chairman of the department of radiology and nuclear medicine at the University Medical Center Mannheim. He is former President of the German Roentgen Society and a strong proponent of integrated diagnostics.

In today’s conversation, you’ll hear about integrated diagnostics and the benefits that come with it. You’ll learn about the advancements that are being made and the existing gaps that need to be closed to take the medical industry to the next level. You’ll also learn about the role that AI has in advancing diagnostics, treatment, and prevention of diseases. Lastly, we’ll discuss the role of data in medical research and the current barriers to federated learning and research.

Some Questions Asked:

  • Can you give us a glimpse of integrated diagnostics at University Hospital in Mannheim? (01:11)
  • Do you see circulating free DNA being used in early cancer detection? (08:39)
  • Do you believe that integrated diagnostic influences therapeutic decisions? (12:33)
  • How do you promote cultural change connected to integrated diagnostics? (21:45)

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • How integrated diagnostic can be used to understand a disease’s trajectory (05:56)
  • What is needed to make integrated diagnostic a success (11:01)
  • The role of the digital twin in integrated diagnostics (16:31)
  • How federated learning evidence can accelerate medical research (18:58)

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