#126: The Secret Formula to Creating New Habits That Stick with Dr. BJ Fogg
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How many times have you attempted to start working out consistently, eat more veggies, or incorporate something new into your routine, but struggled to make it stick? I think we’ve all been there. Creating new habits that stick can be daunting. However, with Dr. BJ Fogg’s secret formula, creating new and even tiny habits can not only be easy, but enjoyable and rewarding.

On today’s Broken Brain Podcast, our host Dhru talks to Dr. BJ Fogg, a behavior scientist with deep experience in innovation and teaching. For the past 20 years at Stanford University, he has directed a research lab. Dr. Fogg also teaches his models and methods in graduate seminars. BJ has personally coached over 40,000 people in forming new habits, using his breakthrough method called “Tiny Habits.” His New York Times bestselling book, Tiny Habits: The Small Changes that Change Everything, was published in early 2020 and is contracted to be published in over 25 languages.

In this episode, Dhru and Dr. Fogg discuss how BJ’s upbringing helped shape his interest in pursuing behavior change and influence. They talk about how one of the most crucial aspects of getting a new habit to stick is celebrating yourself, even though it feels awkward at first. And importantly, they talk about how to make big changes by first focusing on creating tiny habits. 

In this episode, we dive into:

-Dr. Fogg's story growing up and how his early experiences shaped his views (4:14)

-Where Dr. Fogg gained influence and interest in behavior changes (12:05)

-The first time Dr. Fogg saw his research being used by businesses (17:34)

-How he applied behavior change tactics, the Fogg Behavior Model, to himself (21:50)

-Common misconceptions behind how to create a habit (25:45)

-Three aspects of the Fogg Behavior Model (36:00)

-An example for creating a habit using the Tiny Habit Model (37:52)

-How the process for creating habits and stopping habits is different (48:32)

-How to create new tiny habits (49:10)

-How important celebrating yourself is (55:50)

-How having high expectations can be holding us back and how to make big changes using the Tiny Habits Method (1:07:53)

-Diving deeper into the different approach to stopping a behavior versus starting one (1:15:00)

For more on Dr. BJ Fogg, you can follow him on Instagram @bjfogg, Twitter @bjfogg, and through his website here. To learn more about his book, Tiny Habits, click here

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