Best New Orleans Drummers (feat. Geoff Clapp)
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Peter's gone, but that's okay because we have a special guest (Geoff Clapp) joining Adam today. Adam and Geoff give a rundown some of their favorite New Orleans drummers.

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Learn Jazz Standards Podcast
Learn Jazz Standards Podcast
Brent Vaartstra: Jazz Musician, Author, and Entrepreneur
LJS 252: How to Start Improvising Effortlessly and Unleash Your Inner Musician (feat. Mike Casey)
Welcome to episode 252 where today we have on special guest saxophonist and recording artist Mike Casey to talk about his experience with achieving effortlessness in improvisation. We all have heard our favorite musicians play and wonder how they achieve a level of "effortlessness" in their playing, and Mike helps break down the things that have worked for him. Listen to episode 252 When I see some of the best jazz musicians in the world play their instrument, it almost seems like it is effortless.  Like there's this stream of musical creative ideas flowing out of their consciousness into the world through their horn, through their piano, through their guitar -- whatever instrument they are playing and it's just this magical experience. And I don't know about you but I often find myself wanting more of that. Wanting to feel that freedom, that effortless that seems to be transpiring in front of me. So on today's show, I have a very special guest, Mike Casey, who is a professional saxophonist and recording artist. And when I asked him the question, how do you play what seems to be so effortlessly, I was surprised that he actually had a series of answers for me. In this episode: 1. How playing by ear was the corner stone of Mike's jazz education 2. How life education translates to jazz education 3. Becoming comfortable with your playing so you can truly express 4. Allowing creative freedom during your practice Important Links 1. Learn Jazz Live 2021 Virtual Summit 2. LJS Inner Circle Membership
43 min
Seincast: A Seinfeld Podcast
Seincast: A Seinfeld Podcast
Seincast 180 - The Finale, Part 2
"The second button is the key button. It literally makes or breaks the shirt..." Vinnie and Matt discuss the final episode of Seinfeld. Links from our discussion: * Sein Off: Inside the Final Days of Seinfeld * Cast & crew wall (from Hulu exhibit) * TV Land channel on 5/14/98 * Seinfeld in Oz (from SNL) * David Letterman's Final Top Ten * Guest Stars * Peter Riegert (James Kimbrough) * John Pinette (Howie) * James Rebhorn (DA Holt) * Wendle Josepher (Suzie) * Stanley Anderson (Judge Arthur Vandelay) * Deleted scenes * Season 9 bloopers * Weekly listener artwork * Maarten Bouw * Brooks Tracey If you'd like to support the podcast, please visit or click the donate tab on our Tumblr page (not mobile-friendly). And, if you have the time, swing by iTunes and leave us a rating and review. Thank you for your support! Here's how you can get in touch with us: * * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Tumblr * Or, leave us a voicemail at COCOA-BOSCO (262-622-6726) Seincast logo designed by Aaron FitzSimons - _Vinnie's Top 24_ * The Opposite * The Contest * The Outing * The Junior Mint * The Implant * The Opera * The Bizarro Jerry * The Cheever Letters * The Marine Biologist * The Hamptons * The Bubble Boy * The Dealership * The Label Maker * The Hot Tub * The Couch * The Movie * The Airport * The Lip Reader * The Jimmy * The Fusilli Jerry * The Rye * The Merv Griffin Show * The Yada Yada * The Doll Matt's Top 24 * The Boyfriend * The Pilot * The Hamptons * The Bizarro Jerry * The Cheever Letters * The Outing * The Library * The Pen * The Contest * The Merv Griffin Show * The Label Maker * The Marine Biologist * The Chicken Roaster * The Implant * The Doorman * The Muffin Tops * The Dealership * The Hot Tub * The Little Jerry * The Fusilli Jerry * The Yada Yada * The Sponge * The Alternate Side * The Doll
52 min
The Concept2 Workout Podcast
The Concept2 Workout Podcast
Workout 70 - RowErg - High Five, Low Five
Workout 70: (Short Interval Long Workout) How many intervals can you pack into a five minute segment? Well, we found 5 different ways to break it down. This workout helps develop a steady and consistent base effort with purposeful power pieces sprinkled in.   Warm Up/Workout (50 Minutes) (Programming begins at 2:30) Five 5 Minute intervals with 5 Minutes of rest in between   Interval 1: 3 Minutes @24 SPM  Then, Three 20 Second Hard intervals with higher SPM with 30 Seconds rest in between   5 Minutes of Rest: 1 Minute of light rowing, 3 Minute full Rest, 1 Minute light rowing   Interval 2: Three intervals starting with 1 Minute at Base Pace @22 SPM with 40 Second Power Pace @24 SPM   5 Minutes of Rest: 1 Minute of light rowing, 2 Minute full Rest, 2 Minute light rowing   Interval 3: Four intervals starting with 45 Seconds at Base Pace @22SPM with 30 Second Power Pace @24 SPM   5 Minutes of Rest: 1 Minute of light rowing, 1 Minute full Rest, 3 Minute light rowing   Interval 4: Five intervals starting with 30 Seconds at Base Pace @22SPM with 30 Second Power Pace @24 SPM   5 Minutes of Rest: 1 Minute of light rowing, 0 Minute full Rest, 4 Minute light rowing   Interval 5: Six intervals starting with 30 Seconds at Base Pace @22SPM with 30 Second Power Pace @24 SPM - @28 SPM   Cool Down: Take things easy for the last 5 minutes on or off of your machine   Want to Learn or Practice the Basics of Rowing on the Concept2 RowErg?  As The Flywheel Spins "Row Basics"   Remember, feedback is important!  Please forward any questions or comments you may have to (use "Podcast" in the subject line of your email).   Please read the following before participating. DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY and USE AT YOUR OWN RISK
53 min
Stand Up! with Pete Dominick
Stand Up! with Pete Dominick
pete dominick
269 Thom Hartmann and Christian Finnegan
Stand Up is a daily podcast. I book,host,edit, post and promote new episodes with brilliant guests every day. I have one sponsor which is an awesome nonprofit for more but Please subscribe now for as little as 5$ and gain access to a community of over 800 awesome, curious, kind, funny, brilliant, generous souls. Joining me today! I spoke with Thom Hartmann about his new book The Hidden History of the American Oligarchy Thom Hartmann is a progressive national and internationally syndicated talk show host whose shows are available in over a half-billion homes worldwide. He's the New York Times bestselling, 4-times Project Censored Award-winning author of 24 books in print in 17 languages on five continents. Thom is a progressive national and internationally syndicated talk show host whose shows are available in over a half-billion homes worldwide. He's the New York Times bestselling, 4-times Project Censored Award-winning author of 24 books in print in 17 languages on five continents His radio show is syndicated on for-profit FM and AM radio stations nationally, on non-profit and community stations nationwide by Pacifica, across the entire North American continent on SiriusXM Satellite radio (Progress, Channel 127), on cable systems nationwide by Cable Radio Network (CRN), via subscription audio podcasts, worldwide through the US Armed Forces Network, and through the Thom Hartmann iOS and Android apps. The radio show is also simulcast as TV in real-time into nearly 40 million US and Canadian homes by the Free Speech TV Network on Dish Network, DirectTV, on cable TV systems nationwide, and live on both YouTube and Facebook. Christian Finnegan is an American stand-up comedian, writer and actor based in New York City. Finnegan is perhaps best known as one of the original panelists on VH1's Best Week Ever and as Chad, the only white roommate in the “Mad Real World” sketch on Comedy Central's Chappelle's Show. Additional television appearances as himself or performing stand up have included “Conan”, “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson”, "Would You Rather...with Graham Norton", “Good Afternoon America” and multiple times on The Today Show and Countdown with Keith Olbermann, and on History's I Love the 1880s. He hosted TV Land's game show "Game Time". As an actor, Finnegan portrayed the supporting role of "Carl" in the film Eden Court, a ticket agent in "Knight and Day" and several guest roles including a talk show host on "The Good Wife". In October 2006, Finnegan's debut stand up comedy CD titled Two For Flinching was released by Comedy Central Records, with a follow-up national tour of college campuses from January to April 2007. “Au Contraire!” was released by Warner Bros. Records in 2009. His third special "The Fun Part" was filmed at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston on April 4, 2013 and debuted on Netflix on April 15, 2014. Pete on Twitter Pete On Instagram Pete Personal FB page Stand Up with Pete FB page Please consider a paid subscription to this daily podcast. Everyday I will interview 2 or more expert guests on a wide range of issues. I will continue to be transparent about my life, issues and vulnerabilities in hopes we can relate, connect and grow together. If you want to add something to the show email me Join the Stand Up Community Stand Up is also brought to you this month by GiveWell is a nonprofit dedicated to finding outstanding giving opportunities and publishing the full details of our analysis to help donors decide where to give.
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