What role do mindsets play in sustainability and climate action?
31 min

Christine Wamsler is Professor at Lund University Center for Sustainability Studies in Sweden.

She is at the forefront of research on the human qualities that are essential for sustainable climate action and has over 20 years of experience working in sustainable development, risk reduction and climate adaptation. 

She has led many international projects and has published more than 200 academic papers, articles and books.

But beyond the academic credentials, Christine is a remarkable person. Having been on the ground in areas struck by hurricanes and other extreme weather events, Christine’s interest and understanding of human behaviour is profound.

From the conversation with Christine you will get an unusual amount of insight on how our inner qualities – such as awareness, openness and compassion – relate to pro-social behaviour and climate action in particular. 

So let’s listen to Christine and her profoundly human vision of climate action.

For more information on Christine's work, go to:

-  Contemplative Sustainable Futures Program: overview of research on the role of inner dimensions in transformation and sustainability. Two specific research projects referred to in the podcast: TransVision and Mind4Change.

- Christine’s profile at Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies (LUCSUS).

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