S03.12: The Immigrant Story and Joy in Romance with Adriana Herrera
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The fabulous Adriana Herrera is here for her fourth time to talk about Joy! We had a great time with one of the greatest people this week — talking about the American immigrant experience, how hope and bravery make for beautiful love stories, and listing a huge number of books that we love.

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We’re putting read alongs on hold for a bit to spend the next few weeks hanging out with some of our favorite people and talking about books and tropes that give us joy, so we hope you’ll join us and keep a pen handy so you can add to your TBR list as needed!

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Show Notes

Welcome back, Adriana Herrera! She’s been on a few times so far: Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night, the food romance episode, and she and Jen talked about trauma in romance. This week, her March 2020 release American Sweethearts appeared on the Publisher’s Weekly Best of 2020 List.

Normalize pegging at all costs.

If you’re going to come to the phone bank this weekend dressed as a romance heroine, might we suggest you drape a mantilla over your head and carry a pistol? You’ll be a dead ringer for Jessica Trent from Lord of Scoundrels. Sarah was on a panel with Loretta Chase a few weeks ago, and I guess the only blessing of these Zoom times is watching these things online. IS THERE A LINK TO THIS?

Adriana has written a few pieces about immigration in romance, one for Bustle and one for Remezcla.

Just a quick primer, because we didn’t clarify these definitions on the podcast and it’s complicated, because both terms are widely used to describe the same group of people--American-born children of immigrants. While Sarah grew up thinking of herself as "first-generation," many modern academics & the Census label her as "second-generation." Here's a cool article on all the terms, and how they've evolved.

Also, it’s useful to know the difference between push and pull factors that drive immigration.

If you want to read a terrific immigrant superhero story, Jen recommends a graphic novel she teaches to her 7th graders, The Shadow Hero by Gene Yang. She’s also really loved his recent release Dragon Hoops.

Adriana loves the podcast On Being, hosted by Krista Tippet. The episode with Ocean Vuong, author of On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous, features some interesting discussion of his own immigrant story.

We do not recommend reading American Dirt, but you should know the story of how and why it was published, some ideas about why publishing was so eager to sell this particular story from a variety of Latinx authors and thinkers.

When Adriana mentioned “the fun kind of thrust” she is referencing Jenny Nordbak’s best advice for finding a sex scene in a book: search for the word “thrust.”

Diacritical marks are symbols added to letters which tells the speaker how to correctly pronounce the word. In The Bride Test, the same words have diacritical marks when spoken by Esme, a character newly immigrated from Vietnam, but do not have them when spoken by Vietnamese-Americans. Also, language loss in the children of immigrant families is a well-documented phenomena.

The Worst Best Man has recently been optioned as a movie!

Take a look at the cultural iceberg.

Nigeria and SARS and what you can do about it.

Jeannette Ng’s piece, Critiquing Cultural Appropriation in Books That Are Kinda Meh, is about the pressure to research and how it undermines the lived experience of #OwnVoices authors.

Jen mentioned a piece in Kirkus called 100 books by Cynthia Leitich Smith, which argues “Before trying to write any character outside one’s lived experience, I recommend reading at least 100 books* by authors from that community. To start.” By the way, Smith is the author of a terrific YA novel called Hearts Unbroken if you’re interested.

Trujillo was terrible! Don’t steal Adriana’s idea to write a story about the Japanese-Dominican people who were living on the border of the Domenican Republic and Haiti.

Ethiopia and its capital Addis Ababa are fascinating places. Adriana and her partner lived there for five years. Also, the lions of Ethiopia are genetically distinct from other lions.

When it comes to holiday shopping, October is the new December. Sarah wrote a long thread of some of her favorite local indies that carry romance. Support them if you can.

When In Romance
When In Romance
Book Riot
E72: It’s Gonna Be Sexy
It’s recommendation request time – part 2! Jess and Trisha offer recs to readers looking for comedic romance, underrepresented authors, cruelty-free paranormal romance, and more. Subscribe to the podcast via RSS, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher. To get even more romance recs and news, sign up for our Kissing Books newsletter! Books Discussed Polaris Rising by Jesse Mihalik The Blacksmith Queen by G.A. Aiken Highland Dragon Warrior by Isabel Cooper The Rebel Wears Plaid by Eliza Knight Agnes Moor’s Wild Knight by Alyssa Cole The Winter Sea and The Firebird by Susanna Kearsley Being Hospitable by Meka James Heartbeat Braves by Pamela Sanderson Taking on the Billionaire by Robin Covington Second Chance on Cypress Lane by Reese Ryan The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams The Love Study by Kris Ripper Between a Rock and a Hot Mess by Phyllis Bourne The Duke Who Didn’t by Courtney Milan Truth or Beard by Penny Reid Ghosting by Tash Skilton Mangoes and Mistletoe by Adriana Herrera Stripped by Zoey Castile The Baldwin Village and Holidays with the Wongs series by Jackie Lau The Sumage Solution by G.L. Carriger Deal with the Devil by Kit Rocha The Last Wolf by Maria Vale Hot and Badgered by Shelly Laurenston The Demigod’s Legacy and Prince in Leather by Holley Trent Comedic Romances Discussed This Year Get a Life, Chloe Brown and Take a Hint, Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert The Roommate by Rosie Danan You Had Me at Hola by Alexis Daria The Worst Best Man by Mia Sosa Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang Meet Cute Club by Jack Harbon Conventionally Yours by Annabeth Albert Do You Want To Start a Scandal? by Tess Dare Fumbled by Alexa Martin Thanks to everyone who wrote in with recommendation requests, and always feel free to send us your thoughts and questions! As always, you can find Jess and Trisha at the WIR email address (wheninromance@bookriot.com). You can also find us on Twitter (@jessisreading and @trishahaleybrwn), or Instagram (@jess_is_reading and @trishahaleybrown). See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast
Heaving Bosoms: A Romance Novel Podcast
Erin and Melody
Ep. 165 - Thanksgiving by Janet Evanovich (RERELEASE)
Hey HBs! We're so thankful to and for you, listener, no matter where you're from. So why not stay in the Thanksgiving spirit?! We bring you a rerelease of THANKSGIVING by Janet Evanovich! It's a book we expected to love because we love Stephanie Plum so much, but were mostly confused, amused, and amazed by. Join us on this journey where two eccentric narcissists non sequitur each other into love. Maybe? We think? Thanksgiving is involved! *if you'd like to advertise on Heaving Bosoms email heavingbosomspodcast@gmail.com it's a pretty cheap!* Bonus Content: Hansel and Gretel jokes, Erin's drunken excursions into Colonial Williamsburg, old-timey dick joke hilarity, *Bing Boong Bong* Mandatory Reporters with Erin, nose obsessions, INSANE reading by Melody, and so much more! Lady Loves: Melody: Listen to Wicked Wallflowers Club's episode with Angelina M. Lopez HERE! It's so empowering regarding how podcasting is one more way to celebrate romance and connect with other romance lovers. Angelina also opens up about her 20 year journey to becoming a romance author and it's an inspiring take on setting boundaries, embracing your limits, flexing your writing muscles in other, small ways, and then really committing when the time and idea are right. And I'm so thankful for our sister podcasts WWC, Fated Mates, and Black Chick Lit. We have been embraced by some truly brilliant and wonderful women and you should listen to them all! Erin: ...have you heard of snack olives? They make these little packages of olives that are a tiny tasty treat. If you want a bonus interview and some outtakes, head over to our Patreon! Subscribe! Rate! Review! MERCH! Teepublic, Chickaloo Kate, Redbubble And follow our socials: Instagram: @heavingbosoms Twitter: @heaving_bosoms Facebook
1 hr 49 min
Get Booked
Get Booked
Book Riot
E259: Our Holiday Recommendations Show!
Amanda and Jenn answer holiday gift-giving questions in this week’s episode of Get Booked. Subscribe to the podcast via RSS, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher. Questions 1. Hi! I’m looking for a gift idea for my 55 year old brother-in-law. He’s a retired jailer, anti-vaxxer, Republican who can trounce anyone at Jeopardy! He likes to learn things but is not a huge reader. He’s been on a Bill O’Reilly kick but I would like to find him something with an alternative point of view that might still be interesting to him and keep him engaged.  Thanks, love your podcast and you both! -Leenie 2. Hi Amanda and Jenn!! I love your podcast and listen to it regularly. I’m looking for a book for my 17 year old brother for the holidays, but since I’m younger than him and I’m not really into the same books as him anyway, I’m at a loss for what to purchase. He loves long epic fantasy series and horror (he has read a good chunk of all the Stephen King stuff and loved The Dark Tower series especially, but also likes books more in line with the Lord of the Rings books and A Song of Ice and Fire series). Again, he is seventeen, so more adult-ish books are fine, he just isn’t a fan of a bunch of romance. Also, if your picks could be series’ that already have all/most of the books out, that would be much appreciated. Thanks a million!! -Quinn 3. Hello ladies. I was hoping you could help me find a couple good books to give my father for Xmas this year. His favorite genres tend to be historical fiction (which I don’t read much of personally) or science-y nonfiction (he is a retired anesthesiologist with a passion for plants). Some books he has read and enjoyed are A Gentleman in Moscow, Bill Bryson’s books (The Body &  A Short History of Nearly Everything), Cutting for Stone, Barkskins, Ken Follet’s books, & Mary Roach’s books. He can be a little depressive and this has been a hard year (for everyone) so something not too heavy/depressing might be better. Maybe steer clear of war (he found Grunt particularly depressing as it highlighted the many ways we’ve worked to destroy each other). I was considering Homegoing or Pachinko as I’ve heard so many positive things about them and think the family saga aspect seems similar to Cutting for Stone, but they do both also seem potentially heavy subject matter. Caitlin Doughty is also already on his list as my younger sister was considering pursuing mortuary science for a time. Thanks!  -Jean 4. I’m looking for a book to get for a friend for Christmas. She’s a middle school science teacher (but she’s trying to get into a high school) so I usually get her science based books. Years past I’ve gotten her The Emperor of all Maladies and Get Well Soon. She suffers from depression and climate change can be a trigger for her, so while I think she would love Lab Girl, I think it might be too much, especially this year.  Can you help me? -Angela 5. Looking for a Christmas book for my 10 year old nephew. He loves a rags to riches type story,  especially about sports.  A recent fav was Unstoppable by Tim Green. Last year I got him The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind and he loved it. Thank you!! -Kendal 6. I would like to find a cozy Christmas read. I’m down for any genre, though if it is romance, I would prefer a WLW if possible. It’s not something I have come across before, but Christmas is my favorite time of year. Any help for this Christmas nerd/bookworm?  -Beth 7. **Response before Christmas** 🤷🏻‍♀️ Hi All, This is my favorite podcast. I’m looking for a book for my husband. He’s not a reader, but he likes mysteries. When he was younger he read Sherlock Holmes and LOTR (that’s the only books he can name for me). He said I could buy him a mystery and I need help. I obviously got really excited. He doesn’t want it to be long (maybe a novella or under 300 pages. I have no idea if there are novella mysteries). He also said it’s be okay if it might be a little sci-fi. We like Doctor Who, Star Wars and started watching Stargate recently. He doesn’t want it to be a Star Wars story or Doctor Who story. He said he might be interested in Agatha Christie because he liked the movie Murder on the Orient Express. He’s giving me a lot of ideas but I obviously have no idea where to start. Any help you can give me would be awesome!  -Mikala Books Discussed The Line Becomes a River by Francisco Cantu The Answer Is by Alex Trebek Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir The Poppy War series by R.F. Kuang (ALL THE TRIGGER WARNINGS) Humankind by Rutger Bregman transl Elizabeth Manton and Erica Moore Braiding Sweetgrass, the gift edition, by Robin Wall Kimmerer, illustrated by Nate Christopherson The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs by Stephen Brusatte Once Upon a Time I Lived on Mars by Kate Greene Reaching for the Moon by Katherine G. Johnson Outcasts United by Warren St. John (mention of violence against women and children) Written in the Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur Mangos and Mistletoe by Adriana Herrera Resurrection Bay by Emma Viskic A Study in Scarlet Women by Sherry Thomas (tw: child abuse, sexual assault) See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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