Effective Strategies For Staying On Track During The Holidays
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Hello my friends! This episode is all about my top strategies for having a fun, relaxing, restorative holiday season. How to be prepared to have options for yourself, what recipes and treats I like to make around the holidays, setting boundaries around your lifestyle and diet choices, taking care of yourself first to be a match to the best in yourself and the best in everyone around you, and how practicing non judgement of anyone else’s lifestyle choices ultimately makes for carefree social get togethers!

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Prior to beginning a ketogenic diet you should undergo a health screening with your physician to confirm that a ketogenic diet is suitable for you and to rule out any conditions and contraindications that may pose risks or are incompatible with a ketogenic diet[, including by way of example: conditions affecting the kidneys, liver or pancreas; muscular dystrophy; pregnancy; breast-feeding; being underweight; eating disorders; any health condition that requires a special diet [other conditions or contraindications]; hypoglycemia; or type 1 diabetes. A ketogenic diet may or may not be appropriate if you have type 2 diabetes, so you must consult with your physician if you have this condition. Anyone under the age of 18 should consult with their physician and their parents or legal guardian before beginning such a diet]. Use of Ketogenic Girl videos are subject to the Ketogenicgirl.com Terms of Use and Medical Disclaimer. All rights reserved. If you do not agree with these terms, do not listen to, or view any Ketogenic Girl podcasts or videos.

The Keto Kamp Podcast With Ben Azadi
The Keto Kamp Podcast With Ben Azadi
Ben Azadi
Dr David Jockers | How to reset your metabolism with intermittent and extended fasting KKP: 229
Welcome to the Keto Kamp Podcast Episode 229 with Dr. David Jockers Today, I am blessed to have with me here for a second time, Dr. David Jockers. He is a natural health doctor, functional nutritionist, corrective care chiropractor, exercise physiologist, and certified strength & conditioning specialist. He currently owns and operates Exodus Health Center in Kennesaw, Georgia. He is also the author of the best-selling book “SuperCharge Your Brain” the complete guide to radically improve your mood, memory and mindset and the SuperCharged Recipe book with over 180 full-color recipes to help you take back control of your health. He has developed six revolutionary online programs with thousands of participants. These programs include E-guides, recipe guides, meal plans and video instructions including “The Sugar Detox,” “The Cancer Cleanse,” “Navigating the Ketogenic Diet,” and “The Digestive Health Restoration Program,” and “The AutoImmune Elimination Program” and the “Super Brain Program.” Dr. Jockers is a sought after speaker around the country on such topics as weight loss, brain health, functional exercise, natural detoxification, and disease prevention. Dr. Jockers sees patients at his clinic, Exodus Health Center, to help customize specific lifestyle plans to help individuals improve performance and beat chronic disease. In this episode, Dr. Jockers opens the show by describing the inspiration behind his latest book, The Fasting Transformation. Next, Dr. Jockers reveals his favorite fasting facts. For instance, fasting is part of many religions and has been around since humans have existed. Dr. Jockers dives deep into fasting and explains how fasting will help you lose weight, the benefits of autophagy, and why you may want to switch from cow dairy to sheep or goat dairy. Plus, we speak about the importance of fasting for our digestive systems. / E P I S O D E S P ON S O R S PureForm Omega Plant Based Oils (Best Alternative to Fish Oil): http://www.purelifescience.com Use ben4 for $4.00 off. ☕️ Purity Coffee: http//:www.ketokampcoffee.com, use ketokamp at checkout for 10% off Text me the words KKP +1 (786) 364-5002 90 Detox Program with Ben Azadi, Dr Daniel Pompa, Dr Mindy Pelz: http://www.ketokampdetox.com [01:00] About The Fasting Transformation * Jockers wanted to write a book about the transformational power of fasting. * Sadly, our society is metabolically damaged, causing us to be sick, exhausted, and overweight. * Luckily, fasting is the most ancient, inexpensive, and most powerful healing strategy known to humankind. * There are key strategies you need to know when it comes to fasting. * People need to be aware of everything when it comes to fasting in order to have success. * Every person on the planet should be fasting (unless you’re pregnant, a young child, or an elite athlete). * Fasting once a week will reduce metabolic disease massively. [02:25] Favorite Fasting Facts * Fasting is part of many religions. Spiritual people will practice fasting when they have challenges or when they have significant decisions that they need to make. * Also, fasting is some of the best medicine. * Throughout history, people have done fasting to hear from God, have greater levels of creativity, and achieve a higher level mentally. * Fasting isn’t a fad; it has been around since humans have existed. [04:35] Will Fasting Help You Lose Weight? * When you fast, your insulin goes down. * When insulin is high, it tells all the other hormones to stop burning fat. That way, your body can focus on burning sugar. Plus, your body will increase inflammation. * Throughout history, systemic infections have killed more people than anything else. So, the body created an inflammatory process to protect us against systemic infections. * Overall, the body creates inflammation in case your body needs to protect itself. To burn fat, we need periods of time where insulin is really low. The best way to do that is not to eat at all. * If we want more advanced weight loss, we may take a few days to keep insulin down by doing a five-day fast. [12:00] What Is Causing Your Insulin To Increase * Unfortunately, stress could be a massive contributor to insulin levels. * Poor sleep will also contribute to cortisol. Which will increase insulin levels. Cortisol inhibits insulin production to prevent glucose from being stored. * Plus, if you drink too much caffeine, that could be an issue. * Eating a lot of carbs can be a factor in your insulin increase. * However, every time you eat anything, there will be a small increase. [19:10] Switching From Cow Dairy To Sheep Or Goat Dairy * If you react to casein in dairy, then you may need to switch to sheep or goat dairy. * Many people can tolerate sheep or goat dairy. * If you think you have a sensitivity to cow dairy, then try and switch out your products. * Test it out for a month and see if you feel any better. * Everyone should take dairy out of their diet for one month of the year. That way, you can see if you notice a difference. [20:15] How Autophagy Works * Your brain and body will do well on intermittent fasting because of ketone production and autophagy. * The body needs energy. If we don’t get enough energy from our diet, then our body will get the energy from within our cells. * Our body knows the difference between an old cell and a new cell. * During autophagy, the body will break down old cells and creates stronger cells through recycled materials. * If you don’t take the trash out of your house, what would happen? You would get sick, and it would be awful! Well, we need to take out the trash in our bodies. [23:25] The Building Stage vs. The Cleansing Stage * Insulin will trigger building. We need a building stage because we need hormones and new cells. Also, we might want to build muscle – we need insulin for this. * When insulin is low, we are cleansing. During this stage, our cells will get rid of toxins. * Kids will need to be in the building stage more than the cleansing stage. Pregnant women need to be in the building stage too. * Most adults don’t need to constantly fuel their system. Instead, they need more time with low insulin than high insulin. [30:00] How Fasting Will Reset Your Digestive System * Fasting will take the stress off your gut. When you have gut problems, it’s like having a broken ankle. If you go out and walk every day on your broken ankle, it will never heal. * For the gut, you can fast for a period of time each day to reset your digestive system and heal your gut lining. * Fasting will reduce inflammation in your digestive system. [37:40] When Does Autophagy Start? * We don’t fully know. However, it will depend on your metabolic flexibility. * Other factors include sleep and stress. * Someone who is metabolic healthy can reach autophagy at sixteen to eighteen hours. * If you have high fasting insulin, you may need to fast for multiple days. [43:55] Extended Fasting Strategies * When you do an extended fast, you’ll get higher levels of autophagy. Plus, you’ll get a higher level of stem cells. * If you are battling chronic disease, it can be a powerful therapeutic strategy. * Doing a three-day fast once a year will help prevent chronic disease. * If you are underweight, doing a fast every three to four months may be a better strategy. [50:30] Fasting When Insulin Resistant * You need to lower insulin. When you lower insulin, you will have lower inflammation. * Fasting will help regenerate your insulin receptors. That way, your body will reset how much insulin it produces. AND MUCH MORE! Resources from this episode: * Jockers Website: https://drjockers.com/ * Follow Dr. Jockers * Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrDavidJockers * Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drjockers/ * Twitter: https://twitter.com/drjoc…
1 hr 16 min
Everyday Wellness
Everyday Wellness
Everyday Wellness: Cynthia Thurlow, NP
Ep. 133 Falling in Love with the Human Body During the Journey to Health and Fitness with Vinnie Tortorich
Today, we have a treat for all of you, our listeners! Vinnie Tortorich, one of the very first people to ever talk about the benefits of low carb and ketogenic diets on the internet, is joining us as our guest. Vinnie started his Fitness Confidential Podcast nearly ten years ago. The show has produced well over 1,700 episodes, and it amasses more than a million downloads per month. Vinnie published his book, Fitness Confidential, in the year following the launch of his podcast. It instantly became a bestseller and continues to sell well on Amazon and Audible. In 2019, he wrote, produced, and starred in Fat, a documentary that rose to number one in several categories across iTunes and ranked incredibly well on Amazon and Amazon Prime. It is currently the best selling movie ever released by Gravitas Ventures and is teamed with a sequel titled Fat: A Documentary 2, which is now available for resale on iTunes and was released worldwide in the first week of January 2021. Vinnie has had a fascinating journey! Sometimes, we may not understand why our life takes a particular direction at the time, but looking back, it all makes sense. In this episode, Vinnie talks to us about his journey into health and fitness, exercise physiology, and nutrition. Be sure to listen in today to find out what made Vinnie fall in love with the human body and how he eventually ended up working with the Hollywood elite. Show highlights: * Vinnie discusses how he went from being an exercise physiology student in New Orleans to ending up in California and becoming a major influencer in the low carb/keto zone of genius. * Vinnie talks about the point at which he started changing his philosophy and thinking beyond conventional wisdom. * Vinnie describes the nutritional environment in which he grew up. * The dietary changes that Vinnie made when he began putting on too much weight. * Vinnie discusses what led to him moving from New Orleans to LA in 1991. * The resistance that Vinnie encountered in LA when he suggested that kids should stop eating sugar and how that eventually led to him working with the Hollywood elite. * Why most people fail to understand how much of a chemical processed sugar is. * Vinnie talks about how and when he realized that being in ketosis is an important tool for maintaining physical health. * Vinnie explains what keto is and what it is not. * What happens when you eat too much fake food. * What it took for Vinnie to get UltraFat, his real, vegan, keto-friendly, on-the-go product on the market. * What you can expect to see in Vinnie’s new move, Fat: A Documentary 2. * Vinnie shares his feelings about censorship in the health and wellness space. * Vinnie talks about what he will be working on next. Connect with Vinnie Ultrafat is available from NSNG Foods On Instagram On Twitter On The Fitness Confidential Podcast Connect with Cynthia Thurlow Follow on Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn Check out Cynthia’s website
1 hr 10 min
The Natural State with Dr. Anthony Gustin
The Natural State with Dr. Anthony Gustin
Dr. Anthony Gustin
128: Katie Wells - Creating a Toxin-Free Healthy Home, Raising Independent Children, Self-Exploration, and More
Katie Wells, known as the Wellness Mama, built an incredible health and wellness empire over a decade ago. She’s created cookbooks, a podcast, and, most recently, a line of toxin-free personal care products that add beneficial ingredients in while taking commonly used chemicals out, on top of writing over 1,500 blog articles. In this episode, Katie and Dr. Anthony Gustin sit down to chat about a number of different topics ranging from extended-day fasts, using self-exploration to improve your life, overcoming past traumas, and how she reversed Hashimoto’s after dealing with it for 10+ years. Katie also shares how she’s raising her children differently -- with no screen time limits -- so they can be independent and exceptional critical thinkers. You’ll also hear Katie’s unique approach to raising her kids, how she’s building an online course to help other parents do the same, and why she’s choosing a different curriculum for her family. On top of that, Katie also talks about the supplements she uses and why, how she rotates them, and what else she’s working on when it comes to creating toxin-free personal care products. In addition to being a best-selling cookbook author, podcaster, blogger, and now a toxin-free personal care product developer, Katie Wells is a mother of six who believes in taking health into your own hands. She created Wellness Mama as a resource to help others do just that and live a healthier life that eliminates harmful chemicals. When you tune in, you’ll see how she’s able to improve her life and her children’s lives each year by taking intentional steps in the right direction to get out of their comfort zone and into answering those tough “why” questions. Check out the episode now to learn more!
54 min
Peak Human - Unbiased Nutrition Info for Optimum Health, Fitness & Living
Peak Human - Unbiased Nutrition Info for Optimum Health, Fitness & Living
Brian Sanders - Filmmaker of Food Lies & Health Coach
Part 113 - Ben Pakulski on How to Overcome Your Genetics (and Past), the Most Efficient Way to Build Muscle, and How to Eat
Welcome back everyone! I’m Brian Sanders and this is Peak Human - the podcast where you start back at episode 1! I met Ben at our Toronto MeatUp in 2019 and really like him - maybe it’s because he eats pretty similar to how I do - 2 Sapien meals per day of mostly animal foods and low anti-nutrient plant foods on the side. Seriously though he’s really great and has an awesome mindset on pretty much everything. Goes way beyond building muscle - which is important for absolutely everyone listening. It’s not about being a bodybuilder and we don’t talk much about that - it’s about effectively doing some kind of workout to carry some lean muscle mass which everyone needs and will benefit them as they age. His info is legit - I already have been getting a better workout since we recorded this episode last week. I took some of his advice and went slower, stayed under control and focused on the muscles I was trying to work and was sore the next for the first time. Gyms are still closed in LA so all I have is my living room yet I was still able to train my muscles hard in my little 15 min routine I do. We actually talk way more about the mental side to diet, health, and living a meaningful life. This really was a great episode that touched on so many important topics that haven't been explored with previous guests. Check out our new product - Droewors (air-dried sausage) with liver and heart https://www.nosetotail.org/product/traditional-droewors-with-liver-heart-air-dried-beef-sausage-with-organs/ We also now have Nose to Tail artwork https://www.nosetotail.org/art/ GET THE FREE SAPIEN FOOD GUIDE! http://Sapien.org SHOW NOTES * [5:10] Focus on what you can control. * [9:40] Get comfortable being uncomfortable. * [16:20] His backstory and how he got to where he is now. * [24:10] How much do genetics have to do with building muscle? * [29:25] 3 genetic traits that help you build muscle. * [32:10] The importance of challenging your muscles and obtaining skill acquisition. * [42:40] His tips on training at home. * [47:40] Cardio, aerobic systems, and burning fat. * [52:10] Breathwork. * [56:10] Carbohydrates and stress. * [1:02:10] His current diet and nutrition. * [1:04:00] Bro split vs full body for workouts, crossfit, drop sets, and muscle confusion. * [1:08:40] Gut health and choice of plant foods. * [1:10:40] Other lifestyle factors that might be preventing you from living your best life. * [1:14:00] Closing thoughts and words from Ben. GET THE MEAT! http://NosetoTail.org GET THE FREE SAPIEN FOOD GUIDE! http://Sapien.org Follow along: http://twitter.com/FoodLiesOrg http://instagram.com/food.lies http://facebook.com/FoodLiesOrg
1 hr 20 min
The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore
The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore
JImmy Moore
1695: Dr. Kristin Baier Has Major Concerns About Keto Influencers Who Mislead People
In Episode 1695 of The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show Dr. Kristin Baier joins Jimmy to talk about the growing trend of ‘Keto Influencers’ and how they are affecting the community. “It really is rejuvenating for the medical provider to see patients actually get better and deprescribing medication.” - Dr. Kristin Baier, MD Dr. Kristin Baier (@doctoringketo) is double board-certified in Obesity Medicine and Family Medicine. She recently relocated to San Diego to serve patients through a non-traditional healthcare model with an emphasis on metabolic health. She specializes in weight loss management and associated co-morbidities through lifestyle and nutrition. Dr. Baier shared her story. “For many years, I battled debilitating daily migraines along with frequent painful flares from auto-immune disease. My daily medication regimen could rival someone five decades older. I had tried everything from a vegan diet to Paleo without much improvement in symptoms. Then I discovered the ketogenic diet and benefits of nutritional ketosis and within months my migraines regressed and constant joint pains resolved. I eventually tapered off of six medications and reclaimed my health. Now I strive to bring the same nutritional options to my patients when appropriate. “ In this interview, Jimmy chats with Dr. Kristin Baier, MD about the status of ketogenic diets in the medical world, what patients are most concerned about with keto, and her concerns about the challenging information shared online by shysters about ketosis that may not be true. It’s always good to pick the brain of a medical doctor who has been enlightened about low-carb nutrition.
1 hr 1 min
Dr. Jockers Functional Nutrition
Dr. Jockers Functional Nutrition
Dr. Jockers
The Science of Fasting & Nutritional Ketosis with Dr. Dominic D'agostino
Today’s episode is proudly sponsored by Paleovalley and its Essential C Complex. Not only does this immunity-boosting product have the three most potent sources of Vitamin C on the planet, but it also gives you 750% of the daily recommended dose -- exactly the amount your immune system needs to stay in top shape. Hurry and grab yours from Paleovalley.com and be sure to use code JOCKERS at checkout for an extra 15% off! BIG NEWS! Dr. Jockers just released his BRAND NEW book on Fasting! It’s called — Fasting Transformation: A Functional Guide To Burn Fat, Heal Your Body And Transform Your Life With Intermittent And Extended Fasting. AND… we’re so excited that it’s now available on AMAZON! We’d love your support (and if you like the book) I know he’d appreciate a review too! Claim Your Copy Here The ketogenic diet has become a massive practice, all thanks to its evidence-based effects on weight loss. If you want to transition into a state of ketosis, Dr. Dominic D’agostino shares how fasting can help speed up the process. Dr. D’agostino is an associate professor and a research scientist with a laboratory that is currently focused on developing and testing metabolic-based strategies for the treatment of seizure, epilepsy, neurodegenerative diseases, and cancer. In this episode, he discusses the relevance of nutritional ketosis and fasting that goes beyond weight loss. He reveals science-based facts on how fasting and ketosis are playing major roles in combating these neurodegenerative diseases and aiding in the treatment of cancer patients. “It’s important to maintain a ketosis state because it’s really turning down many of the drivers of cancer growth.” -Dr. Dominic D'agostino Subscribe to the podcast on: Apple Podcast Stitcher Spotify PodBean TuneIn Radio In This Episode: - Newsflash! Ketosis has a superpower to alter your genetic makeup, affecting how your body adapts to viruses and other changes around you - Ketosis also critically impacts the give-and-take between your calming GABA and agitating glutamate for less anxiety - The jaw-dropping health benefits you can enjoy thanks to a new bank of cellular energy from ketones - Easy as 1, 2, 3 -- the number of times you should go into a state of nutritional ketosis to most effectively transition from the old to the new you - How fasting braces you to combat various types of cancer, listed one by one - The vital steps a cancer patient must take before a fast if you are facing chemotherapy in your future - A high fat -- yet extremely powerful -- compound that kicks up ketones and lowers blood glucose Resources: - Paleovalley.com – use code JOCKERS to get 15% off - The Fasting Transformation by Dr. David Jockers Connect with Dr. Dominic D'agostino: - Website - https://www.ketonutrition.org/ - Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ketonutrition.org - Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/dominic.dagostino.kt/ - Twitter - https://twitter.com/DominicDAgosti2 - Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqVNHZUXqn1sFvgppi5Zpmg/videos Connect with Dr. Jockers: - Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/drjockers/ - Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/DrDavidJockers - YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/user/djockers - Website – https://drjockers.com/ - If you are interested in being a guest on the show, we would love to hear from you! Please contact us here! - https://drjockers.com/join-us-dr-jockers-functional-nutrition-podcast/
1 hr 22 min
The Healthy Rebellion Radio
The Healthy Rebellion Radio
Robb Wolf
Vit. D While Pregnant, Most Impactful Blood Tests, Carnivore Calcium Needs | THRR 062
Vitamin D while pregnant, Fungus and Mycotoxins, Post workout insulin, What to ask for to get the most impactful blood test, Calcium supplementation on a carnivore diet. Make your health an act of rebellion. Join The Healthy Rebellion Please Subscribe and Review: Apple Podcasts | RSS Submit your questions for the podcast here Show Notes: News topic du jour: Reaction of Human Monoclonal Antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 Proteins With Tissue Antigens: Implications for Autoimmune Diseases 1. Vitamin D while pregnant [27:55] Lori says: Hi Robb and Nikki! I have heard you mention in the past that you are a proponent for using tanning beds to improve vitamin D levels. I have also found this to be helpful at keeping my levels up in the winter months and have seen big improvements at fighting off the winter blues. However, I am pregnant so I am curious if this is a huge "no" and I need to only rely on my supplement? The supplement alone has never been enough to keep me out of the lull in mood that I experience in the winter. I am currently in my first trimester of pregnancy. I have Native American heritage, so I am fairly dark complected and do not burn easily. I live in Texas which may be slightly better for UV exposure, but work 5 days a week indoors so it is guaranteed that during the winter my sunlight exposure plummets. Should I just suck it up and deal with the mood and only take a supplement? Or would a couple days a week of tanning bed be ok to get me through the next few months during my first and second trimester? Thanks for your input! 2. Fungus and Mycotoxins [32:17] Sean says: I have been following you guys for many years now, listened to All your podcast episodes (Paleo Solution up to Rebellion Radio)! I don’t remember you guys talking about the role Fungus (Candida) plays with all this metabolic disruption. Diabetes, Cancer, Arthritis, Alzheimer, Lupus… Perhaps we have a Ptolemy science understanding of metabolic disorders? I recently found “Know the Cause” ~ and Doug Kaufmann’s ideas on the subject, sorry but he has made me second guess what’s really going on. I'm curious how deep is this “mycotoxin” problem? I understand and generally tend to agree with you on the Bulletproof coffee is great marketing, but until I get definitive understanding of the real causal problems of Fungus in general...I remain neutral, smooth talking salesman must be scrutinized all times. However it’s the only “root cause” theory that I’ve heard that could make sense. Not the insulin resistance theory, which could be proved if we actually measure the insulin levels, before during and after, injecting mycotoxins into mice and rats to give them diabetes! Darn circular logic!! 3. Post workout insulin [37:04] Chris says: Hi Robb, I was wondering about post workout insulin Spike. Did the Bros have it right with spiking insulin post workout with high GI carbs to get more muscle? Or should we keep insulin on the low side so we don't get more fat? Thanks! 4. What to ask for to get the most impactful blood test [41:28] Nate says: Hi Robb and Nicki, I plan on getting a blood test through my doctor. I'm guessing all blood tests are not created equal. So do I simply ask for a "blood test", or do I ask for a blood test that measures "xyz"? And if the ladder, what would be your "xyz" to get measured? And also please provide an optimal range for each. [More info below if it is helpful] For context on what I'm personally looking to accomplish: I'm a 33 year old male, been off and on with Keto for years, Keto is my holy grail for getting back to my prime condition (following your Keto Masterclass regimen of higher protein, adequate sodium, and not-so-crazy-on-the-fat has been the most effective and enjoyable way for me). I've been fully back on a good Keto regimen for two months now. I'm 5 10, weigh 210 lbs, but muscular, at around 12-17% body fat. I (thankfully) seem to put on muscle fairly easy from heavy, slow, and low rep weight lifting 1-2 times a week. However I'm still working to get this tire of fat off of my hips/waste. Other than that the rest of my body seems lean and muscular. My general Keto Mojo numbers are as follows: Ketones: 1.4-2.4 mmol/L. Blood glucose: 76-85mg/dl upon waking and I manage to stay in the 90s even after eating. And whatever these two things are: HTC 25-45% Hb: 8-14% I want to see in my blood work where I fall on the scale of optimal health while on Keto, so that I can spot problem areas or deficiencies. As I'm approaching my mid 30s I know testosterone is one thing I'd like to have tested, as I have felt like it has decreased (which I know you've mentioned happens when someone dives right into keto and weightlifting after being a chub). So, what would you ask your doctor to test for in a blood test? And what numbers (ranges) would you be absolutely thrilled to receive back from the test? Absolutely love the Q&A format. Longtime fan since 2012, books, Keto Masterclass, Podcast. I hope you and Nicki continue with this format. The episodes help me look forward to being successful on my diet. https://precisionhealthreports.com/ there is special pricing for healthy rebellion members - just one more reason to join THR :) 5. Calcium supplementation on a carnivore diet. [45:16] Saul says: Hey Robb, discovered your show listening to Paul Saladino podcast and I am loving it! Every time I learn something new, thanks so much for what you do! You are also a libertarian, that is freaking amaxzing! Hahaha Also love your interactions with Nikki! 🤣🤣🤣 So a bit of context, I am 29years old, 150 pounds 5'8" , I follow a carnivore diet with honey, I eat 500g meat a day, 2 ounces of liver, some whey post workout and I do greek yogurt to get calcium in my diet. I also take vit D and boron. I read that calcium is essential to produce melatonin and I noticed that when I dont consume greek yogurt or any other dairy, I tend to wake up in the middle of night and when I do consume, i sleep very well. So I was listening to your podcast last week when you said that there is a huge difference between grassfed and grainfed dairy. I would like to let it go of the dairy just for a test and since here where I live, in Portugal, grassfed dairy are way more expensive than grainfed dairy and I still want to have calcium at my diet, I would like to know what are your thoughts on calcium supplementation, is there any form that is safe? Paul said that calcium citrate is not a good idea because it can cause heart and kidney malfunction. He suggested for me to do bone broth, but I am a graduate student and every bit of time that I can save, I do so bone broth is kind inconvenient. Thank you so much! Sponsor: The Healthy Rebellion Radio is sponsored by our electrolyte company, LMNT. Have you tried LMNT electrolytes yet? If not, this is the time to do it. Until January 31st, 2021 you can get a FREE 8 count sample pack (just pay shipping!). You’ll get: 2 sticks each of citrus salt, raspberry, orange, and RAW unflavored. Click here to get your free LMNT sample pack Transcript: Download a copy of this transcript here (PDF)
52 min
The Intermittent Fasting Podcast
The Intermittent Fasting Podcast
Melanie Avalon, Gin Stephens
#197 - Maintenance Weight, Weight Set Point, Indigestion, Hydrochloric Acid (HCL), Fasting Burps, Coordinating Family Meals on OMAD, And More!
Visit IFpodcast.com/episode197 For FULL Shownotes, And IFPodcast.com/StuffWeLike For All The Stuff We Like! 1:10 - LMNT: For A Limited Time Go To DrinkLMNT.Com/Ifpodcast To Get A Sample Pack For Only The Price Of Shipping!! 3:50 - BEAUTYCOUNTER: Keep Your Fast Clean Inside And Out With Safe Skincare! Shop With Us At MelanieAvalon.com/beautycounter, And Something Magical Might Happen After Your First Order! 19:15 - INSIDETRACKER: Go To MelanieAvalon.Com/GetInsideTracker And Use The Coupon Code MELANIE30 For 30% Off All Tests Sitewide! 21:40 - Listener Q&A: Becky - How Do I Know My Maintenance Weight? Join Melanie's Facebook Group At Facebook.com/groups/paleoOMAD For A Weekly Episode GIVEAWAY, And To Discuss And Learn About All Things Biohacking! All Conversations Welcome! 37:40 - Listener Q&A: Samantha - Fasting Burps/Supplements In Canada? ATRANTIL: Use The Link Lovemytummy.com/ifp With The Code IFP, To Get 10% Off! FOOD SENSE GUIDE: Get Melanie's App At Melanieavalon.com/FoodSenseGuide To Tackle Your Food Sensitivities! Food Sense Includes A Searchable Catalogue Of 300+ Foods, Revealing Their Gluten, FODMAP, Lectin, Histamine, Amine, Glutamate, Oxalate, Salicylate, Sulfite, And Thiol Status. Food Sense Also Includes Compound Overviews, Reactions To Look For, Lists Of Foods High And Low In Them, The Ability To Create Your Own Personal Lists, And More! 47:35 - BIOPTIMIZERS: Go To bioptimizers.com/ifpodcast And Use The Coupon Code IFPODCAST10 To Save 10% On Any Order! 49:20 - Listener Q&A: Jennifer - “Question”
1 hr
The Resetter Podcast
The Resetter Podcast
Dr. Mindy Pelz
Can Our Farmers Save Our Health? – With Jeff Tkach
// R E A D Y • S E T • R E S E T This episode is about regenerative agriculture and the root cause of why so many of us have a mineral deficiency. The answers lie in what is happening to our soil. Jeff Tkach serves as the chief impact officer for the Rodale Institute. He is responsible for expanding the institute’s global influence in healing people and the planet by unlocking the transformational power of regenerative organic agriculture. In this podcast, Can Our Farmers Save Our Health, we cover: * How the pandemic is waking everybody up to our soil problems * Why we are no longer getting nourishment from our foods * The reason consumers are to blame for poor soil * How we can create communities through farming * The solution to our soil troubles // E P I S O D E S P O N S O R S * Pre-Order a copy of The Menopause Reset book today and get the bonus ebook now, for FREE! // R E S O U R C E S M E N T I O N E D * Rodale Institute- Donation * Kiss the ground * Minerals: MIN * Spade & Plow CSA * Regenerative Organic Certified * Composting * Book: Our soil will save us * Ion Biome Supplement // F O L L O W * Instagram | @dr.mindypelz & @theresetterpodcast * Facebook | /drmindypelz & /theresetterpodcast * Youtube | /drmindypelz Please note the following medical disclaimer: By listening to this podcast you understand that this video is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice and should not be relied on as health or personal advice. Always seek the guidance of your doctor with any questions you may have regarding your health or medical condition.
1 hr 12 min
Siim Land Podcast
Siim Land Podcast
Siim Land
#224 Siim Land About Autophagy, Hormesis and Immunity
This episode is a recording of Siim Land on Steve Stav's podcast. This episode is brought to you by BiOptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough. Magnesium is one of the most important minerals in your body and it’s involved in hundreds of processes, starting with energy production and ending with cognition. Magnesium deficiency increases the risk of insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease. What’s worse, up to 70-80% of people are not getting enough magnesium because our food contains about 25% magnesium than a few decades ago. I think magnesium is one of the few nutrients almost everyone would need more of. That’s why I use Magnesium Breakthrough that contains 7 of the main magnesium types. It’s the most full spectrum magnesium supplement out there. Head over to the show notes of this episode to get a link for a 10% discount off Magnesium Breakthrough. Here are the links to the podcast on all platforms * Link to the Audio Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher * Link to the podcast on Spotify * Link to the podcast on CastBox * Watch the Biohacking Bootcamp Videos on Patreon This episode is sponsored by BiOptimizers. They're giving the listeners of this podcast an exclusive offer on one of their best-selling products. It's called Magnesium Breakthrough and is the most full-spectrum magnesium supplement out there. Most supplements contain only 1 or 2 forms of magnesium... when in reality there are at least 7 that your body needs and benefits from. Magnesium is the master mineral that governs virtually all physiological processes in the body. With volume discounts combined with our custom 10% coupon code, SIIM10, you can save up to 40% off select packages of Magnesium Breakthrough! That’s an AMAZING value. And I promise that deal is ONLY available on this specific website, Click Here to Support the Show on Patreon! Show Notes * Stronger by Stress on Amazon * Stronger by Stress Audiobook * The Immunity Fix on Amazon * Get Magnesium Breakthrough for a 10% Discount! * Use Code SIIM for 10% Off Self Decode * Use Code SIIM for a 10% Discount on the KAATSU Bands * Get Your Biomarkers Tested with Lets Get Checked At-Home Tests! Use Code SIIMLAND for a 20% Discount (sponsored)! * My New Book Stronger by Stress * My NEW BOOK Metabolic Autophagy * Metabolic Autophagy Audiobook * Metabolic Autophagy Master Class * Total Sleep Optimization Video Course * Get the FULL GUIDE to INTERMITTENT FASTING FREE BOOK * Get the Metabolic Autophagy Program * Keto Adaptation Manual Book * Watch the Biohacking Bootcamp Videos on Patreon * Body Mind Empowerment Handbook * Keto Fit Program * Keto // IF Program Stay Empowered Siim
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