FtL 52: How A Tax Coach's Business Succeeded Despite The Odds
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In this episode I talk with Diane Gardner from TaxCoach4You.com. That's right taxes. A subject very few people are eager to discuss. But Diane loves it because she takes a slightly different approach.

Diane is a Certified Tax Coach and a large portion of her business is coaching entrepreneurs to help them pay the least amount of tax that's legally required. Sounds nice. She's saved her clients over a million dollars in taxes over the past few years. She knows her stuff.

Of course, we start the interview with her big mistake and the struggle she faced. You can listen to find out what it was.

Here’s what else Diane and I discuss:

  • Diane answers the question, "What exactly is a tax coach and proactive tax planning?"
  • How she's saved her clients over $1 million with tax planning, nut just filing the taxes but actively planning.
  • Why she bought her business' building in 2007, at the top of the real estate market.
  • How she lost half her clients, because they went out of business, from 2007 to 2010.
  • How she struggled to grow her business (because she didn't understand marketing) and the catalyst that turned everything around.
  • What took her down the path to become a tax coach, and add it to her 'traditional' accounting business.
  • Why she loves helping entrepreneurs and businesses.
  • How she financed her marketing with 'loans' from her credit cards and the anxiety that caused.
  • What happened when she realized they didn't teach you how to run a business when she learned to do accounting.
  • What she does to help successful business owners save thousands of dollars in taxes each year.
  • Why most people don't think there is any way to plan ahead and actually lower their taxes.
  • How her employees attempted to revolt because of her business changes.
  • What she did to keep her business going the way she wanted and deal with the dissenting employees.
  • How the employees almost tore apart her business.
  • Why she feels like she turned the Titanic mourned and kept it afloat.
  • The fears she faces with her employee issues.

Enjoy the show:

How A Tax Coach's Business Succeeded Despite The Odds

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