FtL 10: Dov Gordon On Mental Toughness, Hero Worship, and Perseverance
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Today’s guest is Dov Gordon. It’s hard to believe Dov struggled for so long to get where he is today. However, I have a feeling it’s the struggle he went through that led him to become so respected among his peers.

In this interview Dov shares the challenges he’s faced, how it helped him become who he is today, and how it still sometimes haunts him.

Here’s what we talk about:

  • How Dov spent months building his first information product which resulted in only 1 sale.
  • The technology struggle Dov grappled with when putting together his membership site to deliver his product… That made only 1 sale.
  • How he realized all his mistakes, in hindsight.
  • Why he said he had to go through all that to discover what was next and move on.
  • Then, as he was at an all-time low, he couldn’t find a job to help pay the bills.
  • How he battles the fear of possibly running out of money with the belief that everything will work out in the end. Eventhough he’s at a time when he’s experiencing his most success yet.
  • Why you have to get control of your thoughts and emotions.
  • The importance of a consistent, repeatable process.
  • Why it’s important to you pick the right priorities and how you can do that.
  • Dov’s email challenge.
  • What Dov means when he said we have too much hero worship.
  • Why you don’t need another book, course, or information to find success.
  • What to do when you only have 1 person sign up for your course.
  • How “mental toughness” matters to you and your business.
  • Stay focused on your priorities so you know when to say “no” to things that will take you off track.

Enjoy the show.

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