FtL 33: How A Professional Drummer Beat Business Odds By Playing To His Market’s Rhythm - Nate Smith
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What's working in your business? What's not? Are you relying on a technique or strategy that may be obsolete after Google makes another change? Or will it stand the test of time?

These are some things that Nate Smith, from 8020MarketingGuy.com, had to ask himself as he abandoned business attempt after business attempt. Until he found something that worked. It works well now and he keeps on top to make sure it will work far into the future.

As a professional musician, Nate had to make choices he didn't like. He looked for ways to build a business around music. And that's when things finally started to look up.

Here’s what Nate and I discuss in this show:

  • Why Nate said he's an entrepreneur who leverages his musical skills to build a business.
  • What Nate learned building the8020Drummer.com.
  • The struggles facing a professional musician in New York and the difference between musicians who make money and those who go the creative route.
  • The business ideas he started, and quickly dropped.
  • How he sat on his idea for 2.5 years before he had the courage to take the leap.
  • How Nate "dry-tested" his idea for 80/20 Drummer with a fake sales page and cheap Facebook ads.
  • Why it took him 16 months before he made his first $1000 after launching his drumming site.
  • How he attempted to scale his ads with a slim profit margin, and what he did to become profitable in the process.
  • What his mentor said that gave him the idea to leverage his first product, and how you can use that advice yourself.
  • How his tentative attitude saved him.
  • How Nate found a perfect product to market fit and how it was the difference that made the difference.
  • How he deals with the limits he faces in the drumming market
  • Why Nate said you should, "Bias yourself toward staying in the game longer than your instincts tell you to."
  • How he's dealing with his personal mindset issues about selling things to his audience.
  • The moments he says, "Stay with it and try one more thing."
  • How he views his responsibility to his clients and the value he provides.

Enjoy the show:

How A Professional Drummer Beat Business Odds By Playing To His Market's Rhythm

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