FtL 3: Tim Brownson-The Life Coach Who Learned A Huge Life Lesson In Business
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This show's guest is Tim Brownson. Tim is a kick-ass life coach with a great sense of humor.

In this episode Tim shares how he went from sales into coaching. And then, how his coaching business almost failed until he had a swift kick in the ass: He lost all his savings.

Here's what Tim and I discuss in Episode 3:

  • Money doesn't buy happiness.
  • How sales led him into coaching and how he let his sales experience hold him back.
  • What happens when you don't focus and take your business seriously.
  • The challenge of working for yourself, when you have no one to hold you accountable.
  • How losing his entire savings finally kicked him in the ass.
  • The self-delusion that kept Tim thinking success was about to "hit" at any moment. The tipping point was within his grasp.
  • Why you can't take your foot off the gas in a competitive industry.
  • How easily the world will forget about you.
  • Why Tim said, "People expect you to be competent. That doesn't get you raving fans."
  • What makes people really rabid fans?
  • Why you should stop worrying about always showing your best side.
  • Why Tim said, "Nobody farts on a first date."
  • Why Tim needs to fear waking up to find a Grizzly Bear looking for salmon in his fridge.
  • Why Tim said, "We haven’t got that much mental bandwidth that we can be looking at different things at the same time." And how it stopped his business for over a year.
  • When it's important to "burn the ships."
  • When you should commit to your outcome.
  • The importance of "invigoration."
  • What happens when your expectations aren't in line with reality. And how it prevents your success.

Enjoy the show.

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