FtL 16: Life Changing Story Creates A Story Coach Success
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Who doesn’t love a great story? We all do. Did you know you can change your life simply by creating a story?

Lisa Bloom joins us today to share her life-changing story and how story changed her life. Now she uses story to help businesses and individuals communicate their story in the most effective and compelling way possible.

Lisa was a joy to speak with because I love how story and metaphor weave their way throughout our lives. Even when we don’t think they’re there.

Here’s what Lisa and I discuss:

  • How a person who tells stories creates trust more quickly, attracts better clients, can sell more easily, etc.
  • Why adults have forgotten how to tell stories and how important they are to us.
  • How she lost a job interview because she didn’t understand their story.
  • Why she kept asking “Who do I need to be?” in order for them to hire her.
  • Why she was unsuccessful when asking that question.
  • Why people respond favorably when you tell stories.
  • How stories open minds and communicate on multiple levels.
  • How storytelling can let you relax in stressful situations.
  • What she means when she said, “It’s important to be whole, be the full person showing up.”
  • How storytelling is not just entertainment and how you can use it to explore possibilities and create a better business.
  • How you can build trust with story.
  • Why we tell stories all the time and don’t realize it.
  • How you can change your story and change your reality.
  • Why she’s not worried in front of a cynical audience.
  • Why it’s important for you to work on your inner story.
  • Storytelling is not just fairytales, books, and movies.
  • How story can help with brain health.
  • How story changes things for the better.
  • Why she would love to hear Barrack Obama’s stories.

Enjoy the show.

Life Changing Story Creates A Story Coach Success

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