FtL 25: Chris Johnson On Integrity, Moral, And Business Failures
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Chris Johnson is the founder of Simplifilm. We talk about his failures here. We talk about his failures in the mortgage business. We talk about his failures with his family and business partners.

You'll enjoy Chris' confessional. You'll recognize challenges you face every day and hopefully have a new way to approach these difficult decisions.

Here's what Chris and I discuss:

  • Why he said, "Startups are all bullshit."
  • What it was like when he was in the mortgage business and how he hated giving loans to people he knew couldn't afford them.
  • Why he said, "We all lie. We all have moral failures," and how it can help you.
  • How partnerships can fall apart.
  • The not obvious reasons why it's important to work with people who have integrity.
  • Why we find ways to blame away failure.
  • Why we stop believing in ourselves.
  • His 3 steps to receiving when we fall out of integrity.
  • Why it's a hard battle to admit our flaws and mistakes.
  • Why Chris said he hasn't sold cars yet but that's something he plans to do as a right of passage.
  • Why we lie to ourselves and say, "It's no big deal," when it is a big deal.
  • How to communicate in a way that enhances your relationships.
  • How Chris measures his integrity.
  • What Chris means when he says, "You have to sweep the floor today."
  • How saying "Yes" to things you can't do damages you more than anybody else you let down.
  • Why you have to acknowledge your struggles.
  • Why you don't need that external tool to get where you want to go, and why you should stop searching for it.
  • Why he's glad he never stopped being a "sales guy."

Enjoy the show:

Chris Johnson On Integrity, Moral, And Business Failures

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